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Rockmount – an Eco Green Flag School


Rockmount was reassessed this year for the Green Flag School award.  Back in the summer of 2012, we were the second primary school in Croydon to achieve this award for all our green initiatives.  This year’s Eco Councillors showed the Eco School assessor around, explaining all we do and answering her questions and were successful in securing yet another green flag!



Rockmount Eco Councillors, their ideas and what they are doing

Each Eco Councillor is elected anonymously on their idea for a greener school alone, by their class.  During their year as an Eco Councillor, the children try to put their ideas in place at Rockmount. Some of this year’s Eco Councillors have already made changes within the school.  



Teyanna and Aidan are concerned about paper.  They discovered that the paper we were using was produced in Brazil and asked the administration staff to order more environmentally friendly paper, which they did!  Her idea is ‘Use scrap paper if your work is not important.’  Aidan’s is ‘We should use the scrap paper instead of fresh paper.’



Jacob suggested having a Wheelie Wednesday.  He labeled every rack, so that each class has their own.  If three bikes are locked to a class rack on a Wednesday, that class wins a star for their class.


Arabella’s idea is about reducing the number of skips we use. Lots of what is in the skip could be reused or recycled. The school caretaker contacts the scrap metal person to collect any metal waste we have. Occasionally we have scrap wood which parents are welcome to have. Speak to Andres the caretaker. We are still trying to find ways of reusing and recycling more.



Laszlo wants more trees. His idea is ‘Plant more trees and make the environment healthier.’ He researched which ones would be good, presented his ideas to the designers during the playground development and this one was chosen and planted. It is a Prunus Serrula and has interesting bark and blossom. This year we have planted 7 trees.



Ethan’s idea is ‘If we planted more trees, the air would become cleaner: the same if we encouraged cycling.’  Rockmount is doing both.  In the Spring Term, we entered The Big Pedal and came first in Croydon for the highest number of children and parents cycling.  We look forward to our prize, a BMX Display!



Elsa’s idea is ‘Stop our parents parking near the school’.  Rockmount is part of the Bike It initiative.  Year 5 are going to present ways of making our routes to school safer to key members of the Croydon Council.  Some of their ideas are about ways to make Rockmount Road quieter and safer for children to cross.



Lulu's idea is ‘I think we should have solar power to save electricity’.