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Creative Curriculum


At Rockmount the children experience a broad and balanced curriculum covering all the learning objectives stated in the National Curriculum. The importance of food, where it comes from and how it is grown, also underpins our curriculum and means that our children learn about healthy lifestyles and food choices which will stand them in good stead for their lives ahead. 



We have developed a creative curriculum that is taught through themes. The themes have been chosen according to those that we feel will interest and motivate the children to learn, as well as reflecting the diversity of our local community.



Science, History, Geography, Art and D&T will be incorporated into each theme for every half term. Each theme will have a focus subject and touch lightly on the other subjects, although Science, as a core subject, will feature strongly every half term.


Literacy lessons will also be linked to the themes with a featured text that is appropriate to the genre of writing a class may be studying at that time.


Computing, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education and Maths will be taught as stand-alone subjects.




As an example, Year 2 have a theme called, ‘London Ablaze!’


In Geography the children learn where London is positioned on a world map, study the purpose and location of famous buildings in central London and visit some of London's famous landmarks. In Science the children study materials and why certain materials are used in buildings. In Design and Technology the children will make 3D models of well-known London features and structures, eg The London Eye and Big Ben. In Art the children will use watercolours to paint London landmarks. In Literacy the children will write information books about London using, 'A Walk through London’ as an example text.