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International Week

International Week was a huge success. Each class learned so much about the physical and human geography, culture, food, music, art, religion and language of the country they were focusing on.

During the week, the children engaged in a number of exciting learning activities including cooking, dancing, painting, design and technology and creative writing. A number of classes were also lucky enough to have a visit from some of our parents or carers who volunteered to share their first hand experiences of life in their focus country.


Nursery and Reception have been learning about Somalia. They cooked some delicious smelling flatbread.


Year 1 Coral Class learned a lot of facts about the Great Barrier Reef from their small world. They also read the

story Possum Magic and learned more about the animals and food in Australia.



Year 1 Pearl Class have been discovering Sweden. They learned all about Greta Thunberg and made their own Swedish flag. The class were lucky enough to have a talk from a parent who told them all about life in Sweden.




Year 2 Turquoise Class immersed themselves in the culture of Brazil. They read 'The Great Kapok Tree' and learned about the rainforest. They also read 'Steve Goes To Carnival' and made their own carnival masks, listened to Samba and learned a traditional dance. All of the children really enjoyed making cheese bread and a delicious desert called Brigadeiro. 


Year 4 Jade Class learned all about Japan during International Week. They looked at Manga Art and drew some pictures of their own, learned Bon Odori dancing for International Dance Day and made sushi balls. 


Year 5 Emerald Class learned all about Ghana during International Week. They learned how to play the national game called Oware and wrote instructions to teach others. They also learned all about the material and clothing from Ghana through a visit from Mr Taylor and then designed their own Kente bags. Then the whole class went outside to the campfire to cook and eat Jollof Rice.




Year 6 Jet Class have been exploring Jamaica. They read the inspiring book 'I am a Promise' by the six-time Olympic medal winner Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, tasted lots of tasty Jamaican food and made their own brochures about the island.    



Year 6 Zircon Class took a virtual trip to Argentina. They learned all about the types of housing and engaged in an art project to produce their own cityscape.



Year 6 Onyx Class have been learning all about Canada. They looked at the differing seasons and climate across Canada, aboriginal Canadians, French Canadian folk dancing and Canadian artists. They were also lucky enough to have a virtual visit from one of our parents who grew up in Canada and a zoom meeting with a family currently living there.