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Reading and phonics

At Rockmount Primary School we use the Read, Write Inc phonics programme which teaches the children to read accurately and fluently, with good comprehension. The children learn to form each letter, spell correctly and compose their ideas step by step.
Reading takes place on a daily basis. We share stories with the children throughout the day and the children also have access to our comfortable reading areas during the free flow sessions. We encourage the children to take the books home to share with their families. We change the books in the book corners on a regular basis, to reflect the current topic. The children enjoy being book monitors and writing on the book review sheets which can be found in the reading areas. We also find that the children read to each other, re-telling the stories by looking at the pictures of story books and through re-enactments in our creative role play areas.   
The children learn the mechanics of reading through Read, Write Inc. Children are taught the letter sounds or phonemes through daily practise, which includes learning how to form the letters correctly. The children then learn to blend the sounds together to read simple words. As their phonic knowledge grows, the children start to use a range of strategies to decode unfamiliar words. Alongside the teaching of phonics, they learn to read common high frequency words by sight and experience success from the very beginning.
Below are some Read, Write Inc resources used in Reception.