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Playground development


The children have been making the most of all the additions in the main playground and EYFS area. They particularly like the monkey bars which were a favourite from the previous playground set up. The children at Rockmount understand the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle and utilise the space to its full potential ensuring they take every opportunity to run, jump, play and use up lots of their expendable energy. 


We are thrilled to announce that Timotay will be back on site from 6th July to continue our playground development. The Early Years area will gain a water play zone and 'bean bag nest' for quiet, outdoor reading. The main playground will acquire a new gross motor skills ramp in the lower playground, improving the entrance to the school and providing another physical challenge for the children. There will also be new monkey bars put in place upon request of our children as well as the tunnel area being revamped. A new storytelling chair and back drop posts will be added to the amphitheatre using money raised by the RFC who again have worked extremely hard to fund some of this project.

Below are the plans from Timotay.

Following the excellent and exciting outdoor environment developments that took place in Nursery last Spring, the next phase of development is now complete! Over the February half term, Timotay were on site and ready to begin work in the Reception outdoor area and the main playground. They started on the miniature gross motor skills trail, construction area, nature area and camp fire zone before beginning work on revamping the amphitheatre, building the boulder valley and the large gross motor skills trail. The Eco-Councillors were also involved in providing a potential selection of trees to be planted in the ‘Boulder Valley.’


We are all thrilled with our new playground!