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Pupil Premium and Catch-Up Funding

Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is an allocation of funding provided to schools to support children who may be vulnerable to underachievement. The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools on the basis of the number of students on roll known to be eligible for Free School Meals or who have claimed within the last 6 years (Ever 6), as well as students who have been looked after continuously for more than 6 months by the Local Authority. Children of members of the armed forces are also entitled to this funding. All schools are required to report on the amount of funding and how it is being used.


The range of provision the Governors may consider include:


  • Reducing class sizes thus improving opportunities for effective assessment for learning and accelerating progress
  • Providing small group work with an experienced teacher focused on overcoming gaps in learning
  • 1 to 1 support
  • Additional teaching and learning opportunities provided through learning mentors, trained Teaching Assistants or external agencies
  • Providing enrichment opportunities to improve engagement
  • Family support


The Governors publish information on how they have used the Pupil Premium Grant to address the issue of "closing the gap" for socially disadvantaged pupils and this is available below.

Catch-Up Funding

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closure of schools, the government issued an amount of catch-up funding to all schools to support with closing gaps in learning. The amount of funding allocated is based on pupil numbers and is paid over two financial years.


Our action plan, which can be found below, details how we intend to allocate this funding.