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Supporting your Child at Home

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, it can happen anywhere.

At Rockmount we believe there are many fantastic opportunities in children's home and family life for activities to support their mathematical learning. An understanding of ways in which mathematics is used out-of-school will help improve children's attitudes towards mathematics and will help them understand the value and relevance of mathematics in a variety of contexts. Children need regular support in order to recognise the mathematics in the world around them, and parents and family members are the best people to provide this support. We encourage parents to use existing knowledge and skills to support their child’s learning. Discussion of interesting questions, and talk about ways that mathematics can help us with everyday activity and can often be more useful than knowing a correct procedure or answer.


A child or young person’s everyday routine offers many opportunities and experiences to practise and apply their numeracy skills in real and meaningful ways.There are many ways that you can build learning activities into everyday routines to support your child’s numeracy skills.


You can find some simple ideas to build numeracy skills into everyday activities from early years to year 6 and beyond within the documents below. 



In KS2, homework tasks are given out weekly and are designed to reinforce or extend existing knowledge and understanding. Homework tasks are also used to establish a good understanding of upcoming Mathematical concepts or methods.

Useful Websites 
Mathematics Websites for Children