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The Rabbits

Welcome to the Rockmount Rabbits

Back in April 2021,after the building of the rabbit house and rabbit run in the Wildlife Garden, we welcomed 3 rabbits to the school. 2 does and 1 buck. After the process of coming up with names and then voting, the rabbits took to life at the school well. Meet Coco, Blaze and Patch.



Rabbit Update - 9/12/21

This week we have welcomed 2 litters of very cute 'KITS'. 

The circle of life has smiled upon us. On Tuesday (7th Dec) morning (early hours) Blaze gave birth to some baby kits. She is being an excellent mother defending her nest and feeding the kits well.


Then in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday (8th Dec) Patch gave birth to her litter of kits. At the moment she seems to have taken to motherhood well and is feeding her kits and is being protective of them.


Kit Information - 


Baby rabbits are called kits and are born bald, deaf and blind. They will grow quickly with their mothers milk and should start growing fur around 10 days. Around 11 days they should begin to hear and start to open their eyes. (This will all be done in the nest).


At around 12 days old the kits will start to explore their nest box and hutch and will start to run around.


At 19 days the nest box / nest will be removed and they will have free room of the hutch and sleep in the hay and not the nest.


At 8 weeks the rabbits will be fully weaned (not rely on mothers milk) and will be separated from their mums to live on their own. At this point the male kits will be separated from the female kits.

Watch the rabbits development

Kits 16 days

Still image for this video


If there is anything you would like to know just ask below. Don't forget to give me a contact email so I can email you back with the answer.