Welcome to Rockmount Primary School

Rockmount is a happy, friendly school situated very close to the vibrant Crystal Palace triangle.

From the first day a child attends, our priority is to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for them to learn and grow.

With high expectations of all our children, we are committed to fulfilling our motto, "All Can Achieve". This is the central premise of all that happens in our school.

We also encourage close links between home and school so that parents and carers can be actively involved in their child’s education. We often ask for parents' views because we believe they are important in helping to shape the future development of the school.

This website provides a wealth of information about how Rockmount is organised. Of course our school is much more than this.  I would encourage you to come and visit us and to see Rockmount for yourself. Details about how to get in touch are on our contact page.

Michael Wilson
Executive Headteacher


Croydon Primary School of the Year Award 2014

We are delighted to announce that Rockmount has been awarded Primary School of the Year 2014. This is a fantastic achievement for the school and it would not have been possible without the excellent and committed support of the Rockmount community. We would like to thank all staff members, parents and children for their hard work.

Latest News

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Rockmount is now a Lead Food Flagship School!

In July 2014, Croydon and Lambeth were awarded “Flagship Food Borough” status. This was part of a new initiative created by the Mayor, the Greater London Authority and the DfE. The reasons for this initiative are:  

·         To address concerns around the increasing evidence of obesity and the onset of Type 2 diabetes in the population

·         To increase the general health and achievement of children and young people by using schools as a starting point to change the culture of food within the borough

The ‘Croydon School Food Plan’ was created to support schools with this initiative and schools were invited to apply to become Flagship Schools. These Flagship Schools will be supported to become exemplars of good practice in relation to food and healthy lifestyles in schools. The expectation will be that they pilot, model and share best practice with other schools across the Greater London Authority

At Rockmount we are very aware of the strong link between nutrition, health and academic performance and we are committed to educating our school community in how to live healthy, balanced lifestyles in order to maximise learning opportunities throughout life.

We were thrilled to learn that Rockmount Primary School has been selected to become a Lead Food Flagship School.

We are one of only 2 Croydon primary schools chosen for this honour which is due to the commitment we have already shown to improving the health, fitness and academic achievement of our pupils.

We are now looking forward to working with the Croydon Healthy Schools Team to develop an action plan for the coming year. We will share the exciting developments with you in the near future!

Andy Smith cycles 5000 miles

Andy Smith, or ‘Smudger’ as his friends call him, is a keen cyclist. He cycled 5000 miles over the summer through Brazil. He started in January, so when he finished he could watch the world cup.  While he was cycling he could see the stadiums being built. His cycle was called ‘SmudgerSambaCycle’. He did an exclusive interview with the Rockmount Bike it crew.

Eve, Jacqui and Zac

NSPCC Workshop

Year 5 and 6 took part in workshops focusing on what is considered right and wrong. This was a follow up workshop from the assembly children had a couple of weeks ago. The children remembered the 4 types of abuse and filled in 'My Buddy Kit'. The team will be back in June to talk to the whole school about keeping safe.  

'Power of One'- Anti-Bullying Week

Children enjoyed an interactive workshop where actors used boxes, colours, and masks to vividly portray what bullying is, what can be done about it, and how every child has the power of one, the power to report and deal with bullying when they see it. The workshop also explained the different roles in bullying: Bully, Target, and Bystander and showed examples of different types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, and Cyber bullying. Children were introduced to the Anti-Bullying Charter which included the 'Power of One Oath'.  This will be signed during Circle Time.

English National Opera Studios

Pearl class were specially invited to attend a rehearsal of the production,’ The Way Back Home’. Although it was very short notice staff, parents and children were able to use public transport on a wet and humid day to get to the studios at West Hampstead.

The children met with the entire production team including the director, conductor, musicians, performers, artists and stage/ costume designers. The children were enthused and invigorated as they were entrapped in the theatricals of the performance. At the end the production team were very impressed with the constructive criticisms made by our children . This rehearsal was also the perfect opportunity to see how drama is used as a form of visual poetry which coincidentally is the topic that the year four children are presently learning about.







Upcoming Events


Thursday 5th February

Year 2 SATs meeting 9am in After School Club

Friday 6th February 

Year 2 Superhero Day!

Monday 9th February

E-Safety Week

Tuesday 10th February

Safer Internet Day

E-buddies trip to 10 Downing Street

Friday 13th February 

Year 5 Viking Day

Monday 16th February

Timotay beginning work on trim trail

Monday 2nd March

School Council visiting Parliament!

Thursday 5th March

World Book Day!

Weeks beginning 2nd March & 9th March

Big Pedal Week