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What is Rockmount Friends and Community (RFC)?

Rockmount Friends and Community (RFC) is a group of parents/carers and staff who work as part of a strong and vibrant school community to bring people together. Every parent or carer with a child at Rockmount is automatically a member.



To encourage parent/carer participation in the life of Rockmount Primary School, and increase collaboration between teachers and parents/carers and children to strengthen the school community.



  • To raise funds to help the school provide extra resources for the pupils
  • To run social events for parents/carers, teachers, and children, to meet and get to know each other


What we do?

We organise events to raise funds and help parents and carers, teachers, and children to get to know each other. Come to our next meeting to find out more.


How we spend our money

The money we raise helps the school with extra school resources. Recently, we’ve funded:


  • new school gates (Rockmount road entrance)
  • playground markings
  • bulbs for daffodil planting
  • materials for arts week


How you can help

We usually meet on the first Friday of every month in the After School Club room (at the Rockmount Road end of the school) at 9.00am.


Come and join us for good coffee and delicious biscuits, and find out how you can get involved. You can also send an email to us at


Would you like to be more involved with Rockmount Friends and Community?

Every parent or carer in the Rockmount community is a member of RFC. To help things run smoothly there is an informal committee with some defined roles. Each year these roles come up for election, everyone is welcome. Being an RFC committee member is a good way to get to know more about the school and the people who make it such a great place for our children to be. Most of the roles require only a small time commitment and working together we can achieve a lot!


We are currently looking for volunteers to help out on the Committee in the roles of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Descriptions of the committee roles are below.

If you think you might be interested in any of these roles please contact us at


Committee Roles


The Chair provides leadership for the committee, sets agendas for the meetings and manages meetings in line with the agenda. The Chair needs to work closely with the Treasurer and Secretary to ensure that the RFC is run effectively. The Chair works with the Head Teacher, Heads of School and other school staff to approve and plan school fundraising activities and social events.


Key responsibilities:


  • Provide leadership
  • Set the agenda for meetings
  • Welcome and involve new members
  • Oversee the planning for all events
  • Write the annual report in cooperation with the Secretary
  • Follow the agenda and manage meetings
  • Co-sign cheques for the RFC with one other approved signatory
  • Liaise with the school to ensure that RFC news is included in the newsletter and on the website



The role of the Vice-Chair is to deputise for the Chair. This is a good role to get to know the workings of the RFC and perhaps to prepare for being the Chair in the future.



The Secretary takes minutes at meetings and ensures that they are circulated amongst the RFC membership. The Secretary deals with all the correspondence through email and manages the RFC FaceBook page.


Key responsibilities:


  • Deal with correspondence
  • Record attendance and take minutes at the meetings
  • Write up the minutes and distribute them to RFC membership
  • Call meetings via text, email and FaceBook
  • Organise flyers for book bag runs when necessary
  • Manage RFC FaceBook page
  • Ensure the notice boards are up to date



A key role for all committee members is to manage and control the funds RFC raises. Although all the committee members have equal responsibility for the control and management of RFC funds the Treasurer enables the committee to carry out these duties properly. The Treasurer records all income and expenditure.


Key responsibilities:


  • Maintain the financial records
  • Prepare cheques as required
  • Report income & expenditure at meetings
  • Count and bank monies
  • Liaise with the bank
  • Manage regular payments such as PTA UK membership and Public Liability insurance premiums
  • Withdraw money to provide cash floats for events
  • Draw up the annual accounts for school events