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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to our Year 1 Classes


Tanzanite Class

Class Teacher: Amy Carvall

Class Teaching Assistant: Lydia Kazibwe


Amethyst Class

Class Teacher: Connor Skillen

Class Teaching Assistant: Dawn Holmes

Year 1 Curriculum Map for 2018-2019


Half Term Topic Curriculum Area
Autumn 1st Half 'Staying Alive'
English: Labelling/lists/captions
Maths: Number
Geography: The Continents
Science: Our Body
Computing: We Are Treasure Hunters
History: Florence Nightingale
RE: Why are we thankful?
PE: Games
Autumn 2nd Half 'Memory Box & Toys'
English: Story Writing

Maths: Number: Addition And Subtraction,Properties Of 2D And 3D Shapes
Geography: Seasons
History: Bonfire Night/ Guy Fawkes
Science: Weather
Computing: We Are Celebrating
RE: Festivals of Light

Spring 1st Half 'Fairy tales and Castles'

English: Story Writing/Retelling
Maths: Number - Place Value; Problem Solving;Mental Maths, Time
History/Geography: Castles
Science: Materials
Computing: We Are Story Tellers
RE: Hinduism
PE: Gymnastics

Spring 2nd Half 'Off we go to Mexico!'
English: Non - Fiction

Maths: Measurement -Time; Money; Problem Solving; Mental Maths
History/Geography: Geographical Comparisons
Computing: We Are Collectors
RE: Judaism

Summer 1st half 'Come on over to my place' English: Letter Writing/Invitations

Maths: Number - Division; Problem Solving; Mental Maths
Geography: Local Area Study
Science: Naming Trees And Plants
Computing: We Are Storytellers
RE: Christianity

Summer 2nd Half 'Let's go wild'
English: Poetry

Maths: Geometry: Position And Direction; Problem Solving; Mental Maths
Geography: Name And Locate Five Oceans
Science: Naming A Variety Of Common Animals
Computing: We Are Celebrating
RE: Christianity

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Amber Vijayaratnam.
Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.

Autumn 1

In Year One, we have been settling the children into their new routine. Our topic is 'Staying Alive'  and we have been learning lots of exciting things about our bodies.  The children have been enjoying the story 'Funny Bones' and have been making  their own collages of skeletons and have had great fun dancing to 'The Skeleton Dance!' We have also been learning all about healthy eating and balanced diets. We started off by reading, 'Avocado Baby' by John Burningham and thinking about what would happen if we found a magic avocado!


Picture 1
Picture 2

Staying Alive - Dress up day !


We have been learning all about the different public services which help us to stay safe and be healthy, offering healthy lifestyle advice to Grendel and looking back in history to learn about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole!

Autumn 2

Our Topic: Memory Box & Toys


This topic focuses on History and Literacy  we will be exploring toys from the past and comparing them to the toys we play with now.  We also think about our lives so far and discuss our memories. We will talk about our families  and friends, our experiences and special celebrations. We will design and create our own memory boxes to keep our special memories. We hope that we can look back on these in years to come, to think about how we have changed as we have grown up.


V&A Museum of Childhood


As part of our topic Memory Box & Toys, Year One visited the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. 


The children will be participated in a workshop looking at toys from the past. The workshop was led by a member of staff from the museum. The children also had the opportunity to explore the museum and participate in activities linked to our toy topic.

Emotions & Wellbeing

Year One were lucky enough to work with Toya Walker - The children were given the opportunity to explore their emotions.

Spring 1: Fairy tales and Castles 

This topic focuses on History and Science. In Science we will be finding out about different materials and how we can classify materials into different groups based on their properties. We are looking forward to learning about lots of different fairy tales, including Aladdin and Rapunzel. We are studying the sequence of a fairy tale and looking at how we can include lots of descriptive vocabulary in our writing. In History we are exploring the features of a castle and comparing old and new. We are even making our own castle models on the workshop table.


Spring 2: Our Topic: Mexico 

We will continue to develop our understanding of different materials in Science, conducting a range of experiments testing the properties we have learnt about in Spring 1. The topic also has a big focus on Geography where we will be learning about a range of countries, including Mexico. We look forward to doing some Mexican cooking and learning the Mexican Hat dance in P.E.!

This half term the main mathematics focus will be on shape and data handling.

· Describing patterns and properties of 2D and 3D shapes

· Creating tally charts and bar charts and deducing information from them

· Creating and carrying out surveys

· Directional and positional language

Number work will continue during starter activities so we will continue to practise number bonds, counting on and back in multiples and securing number facts.


Pancake day !



The children have had lots of fun practising lots of yoga poses taught through the story of 'Adventure Island'. 

The children practised balancing postures, body awareness, flexibility as well as cooling and calming breathing. To conclude the session the children embraced relaxation time and felt really calm and focused afterwards. 

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Red Nose Day 2019 !

Red Nose Day 2019 ! 1
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 2
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 3
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 4
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 5
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 6
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 7
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 8
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 9
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 10
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 11
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 12
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 13
Red Nose Day 2019 ! 14