Welcome! A warm welcome to our new Reception and Nursery intake who will be joining Rockmount Primary School in September.
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Welcome to our Nursery Class


Silver Class 

Class Teacher: Clare Garside
Teaching Assistant: Lynne Grundstoks
Teaching Assistant: Lydia Kazibwe


Nursery Curriculum Map for 2015-2016


Autumn 1st Half

Getting to Know Each Other

Personal, Social and Emotional Development/Communication and Language/Understanding the World

The themes have been chosen to ensure that there is opportunity to cover all areas of Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

  1. specific areas of the curriculum have been highlighted, we plan for all areas to enable the children to experience a variety of play-based activities during their time in Nursery.


Autumn 2nd Half

Autumn is All Around Personal, Social and Emotional Development/Communication and Language/Understanding the World/Physical Development


Spring 1st Half Passport Around the World Personal, Social and Emotional Development/Communication and Language/Understanding the World /Literacy/Expressive Arts and Design
Spring 2nd Half Jurassic Journey Communication and Language/Understanding the World /Literacy/Mathematics
Summer 1st Half Under the Sea

Communication and Language/Understanding the World /Literacy/Expressive Arts and Design

Summer 2nd Half What's Up there? (Space)

Communication and Language/Understanding the World /Literacy/Mathematics

At Rockmount Nursery we aim to tailor our topics to suit the children's needs. There will be many varied and exciting activities on offer each day. The children will listen to stories and songs and even enjoy some exercises from a computer program called, '5 a Day'.


Both inside the classroom and in our outdoor learning environment, children will be able to explore and experiment through water play using a variety of equipment including funnels and tubes, water mills, mini nets, bubbles and much more. They will investigate sand; building sand castles and using little diggers in role play activities.

There is also a large creative focus with endless model making possibilities using recycled materials, lots of decorative elements and of course glitter!


Construction is very important in Nursery and children have access to a wide range of construction toys and equipment such as Lego, Duplo, train sets, cars, Tap Tap, 2D and 3D shapes and lots more!


Mark-making is an integral part of Nursery life and children will be provided with opportunities to draw and write throughout the Nursery environment as well as in a dedicated mark-making area, with mini books, stencils, whiteboards and pens and a range of varied mark-making tools.


Mathematics is also key and will be provided through a wide range of exciting counting games, resources and activities.


ICT features throughout the Nursery setting and is used on an individual basis through educational games and programs on desktop computers as well as the use of the Interactive Whiteboard for whole class ICT activities.


Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Amber Vijayaratnam. 


Autumn Term

In Nursery we have been having an exciting time, making new friends and settling in.

We have been encouraging and supporting the children to form positive relationships with their new peers and the adults that will be working with them this year. 


Silver Class have been exploring their new surroundings and engaging in activities from all the areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum.


Take a look at what we have been doing.

Silver class have been learning how to mix primary colours to form secondary colours and using the paint to print autumn leaves.


We have been counting and mark making too.


We also have a new water tray, which we love. 

Spring Term

We started the spring term by flying around the world with, 'Silver Airlines'. 


On our travels around the world we stopped off in China to celebrate Chinese New Year and cooked a noodle dish in a wok.


We also cooked up other lovely, healthy treats during the term.


Silver class have been practising their fine motor control, creating playdough masterpieces and measuring the height of dinosaurs.


They have also been reading, writing, comparing their beanstalk to the height of a dinosaur and learning computer skills.


Silver class have continued to enjoy their outside learning, especially the opening of their new mud kitchen.