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Would your child like to play in their very own rock band?

Rocksteady in-school band lessons are the perfect opportunity for your child to learn new skills, develop friendships and have the time of their life.


Watch this short video to see what learning in a band could do for your child’s well-being:

Not sure which instrument to learn?  Have a look at the films below to help you decide:

Rockmount Brass Demo.mp4

Still image for this video
Choose between the trumpet or the trombone. Mr Hewitt-Brown and some of our Rockmount trumpeters demonstrate how fun it is to learn to play a brass instrument at Rockmount.

Rockmount Woodwind Demo.mp4

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Choose between flute, saxophone or clarinet. Watch Mrs Humphreys and our Rockmount woodwind players to help you decide.

Rockmount Guitar Demo.mp4

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You can learn classical or rock guitar - in fact you can play any style you like! Take a look at some of our Rockmount guitarists...

Drum kit lessons at Rockmount.mp4

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Learning to play the drum kit is a lot of fun at Rockmount!

Violin lessons at Rockmount (Rico).MOV

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Why not learn the violin?

Learning piano at Rockmount feat. Erin.MOV

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You can learn piano at Rockmount too.

Learning piano at Rockmount feat. Kiera.MOV

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It's very popular, so there's usually a bit of a waiting list...

Still not sure which instrument to learn?

Still image for this video
Watch some of the CMA teachers playing the different instruments to help you choose. Look out for the trumpet and flute teachers - they teach the brass and woodwind instruments at Rockmount!

Weekly Instrumental Lessons at Rockmount


Rocksteady:  Chad Worsley

9.40-3.00 (Galaxy room)


Guitar:  Emiliano Bonanomi (CMA)

10-1.00 (Rainbow room)


Piano: Eve Lambah

1.00-3.20 (Rainbow Room)



Violin:  Jo Grainger (CMA)

8.50-10.50 (Starlight room)



Piano:  Joanna Berridge

8.00-1.00 (Starlight room)


Piano:  Jonny Davies

9.35-3.20 (Rainbow room)



Piano:  Joanna Berridge

8.15-1.00 (Starlight room)


Woodwind: Jemma Humphreys (CMA)

9.30-10.30 (Starlight room)


Rocksteady: Craig Norford

12.30-3.00 (Galaxy room)



Piano:  Eve Lambah

8.50-3.00 (Rainbow room/8.50-12.00 in Starlight room)


Guitar:  Emiliano Bonanomi (CMA)

10.00-11.45 (Music room)


Brass:  Mike Hewitt-Brown (CMA)

11.45-1.00 (Galaxy room)


Drum Kit:  Alec Joly-Pavelich (CMA)

12.00-3.15 (Music room)

We like playing instruments at Rockmount!

Pupil Voice

"I enjoy playing the trumpet because it's very fun and almost a unique instrument in my school.  I feel very happy when I'm playing it. I also play in a band (with CMA) and band is really fun!"

Year 6 pupil


"I sing lead vocals in my Rocksteady band.  I just love the feeling of being part of a band and making music as a team."  

Year 5 pupil


"I like playing the flute because it's easy to learn and it makes a really good sound."

Year 3 pupil


"What I love about the saxophone is playing jazz music on it and having fun making up new music.  It makes good jazz noises and it's good for pop music as well.  It's very noisy...I think it blows out my mum's ears because it's very loud...I don't think my hamster likes it either...but I like it!"

Year 6 pupil


"The flute is hard to start off with, but then, once you get the hang of it, it's really fun and it's easy and you can just zoom through all the work." 

Year 4 pupil


"The clarinet is really relaxing to play and listen to and I also like the sound.  It's fun and I really enjoy playing clarinet." Year 6 pupil


"My favourite part of the concert was seeing how if  you enjoy doing things like this, you can learn really quickly - so it means I could do it too!  I thought it was very exciting seeing my friends perform and I felt proud that people from my class could do that."

Year 5 pupil (after watching a Rocksteady Concert)




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