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Art and Design


Subject Overview


Art is a vital part of your child's education and involves exploring the properties of materials and their textures, experimenting with different effects, and having the freedom to create. Creativity is an important part of the national curriculum, as it encourages children to work independently. Another important aspect of the art and design curriculum is learning about how art has shaped our history and how it reflects it.



At Rockmount Primary School, we value Art & Design as an important part of our broad and balanced curriculum. It stimulates pupils’ creativity, interests, imagination and a unique way of responding to the world. We provide visual, tactile and sensory experiences that engage, inspire and challenge our pupils in various mediums of art including drawing, painting, sculpture and more. Children are encouraged to be reflective and evaluate their work using the language of art & design, challenging their expectations and improving their skills over time.

As they progress, pupils will begin to think critically, take risks, experiment and develop a more rigorous understanding of art & design. Pupils will learn how art has shaped and contributed to our culture and they will develop their knowledge of significant and diverse artists from across the globe.


  • To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in art and design, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school.
  • Art and design is taught as part of a half-termly topic and gives pupils the opportunity to develop and build on their skills, focusing on knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum.
  • We provide a variety of practical opportunities for art and design both inside and outside the classroom.
  • The children are introduced to a diverse range of artists from around the world, as well as their culture, developing an understanding between the artists’ work and how it is influenced by social, political and personal factors. 
  • Through research and practice, students develop their ideas independently using sketch books and different medium.
  • Children are assessed against the unit objectives they are working towards each term and are encouraged to be reflective on their own and their peers’ work, assessing success and offering a supportive critique.
  • Pupils use their sketchbooks as their own personal artistic journey, building on their prior learning and developing their artistic skills over time.
  • Children are given enriching opportunities to expand their cultural capital with visits to art galleries and museums.


Each pupil will: 


  • Experience a broad, balanced arts curriculum, with an emphasis on the development of understanding and skills in art and design.   

  • Experience the arts through other areas of the curriculum.   

  • Be given a wide range of opportunities to express themselves creatively.   

  • Be given the opportunity to develop skills and interests inside and in the outdoors.   

  • Begin to develop awareness of the emotional impact the arts have on themselves and on an audience. 

  • Have an appreciation for creativity with a variety of cultural experiences.

  • Feel celebrated through their achievements in art because of the subjects' status and enhanced learning environment within the school.

Curriculum Map

Golden Threads

Pupil Voice


"My teacher says we need to take care of our sketchbooks and sets the expectations every time before we do them. She shows an example in her sketchbook" Year 2


"I feel happy in Art because I feel like I have no limits to what I can do!" Year 3


"I was proud of my American Gothic portrait. We could change the background and I chose Ela & Olaf" Year 6


"When I want to improve in Art I practice and practice and sometimes I do it at home too. I an inspired by other artists" Year 3





Take a look at the art work we produced for our Black History Month exhibition:

Art at Rockmount in Summer 2023

Work Sample Gallery

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