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Sporting Events

Year 6 In-house Netball Tournament:

During spring term Year 6 have been learning the skills and rules needed for netball. This includes children learning how to pass and how to defend. 


Palace for Life Girls Tournament:


Some of our girls were chosen to take part in a Palace for Life tournament held at Crystal Palace Academy ground. The girls did so well and did us so proud, out of twenty four schools they even made it to the semi finals.


Palace for Life Boys Tournament:


Eight boys were chosen from Year 5 and 6 to take part in a schools football tournament held at the new Crystal Palace Academy ground, hosted by Palace For Life Foundation. The boys had such a great time and did us proud!

Reach For The Stars Week:

During ‘Reach for the Stars’ week, each year groups focused on a specific individuals. The children engaged in different challenges, learnt about different inspirational figures and had the opportunity to participate in career-related learning activities.


Year 6 were learning about Lebron James, both classes took part in a in-school basketball tournament.