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A quick catch up...

Hi Reception. I hope you are all well. I saw Mrs Verrall yesterday in a park in Bromley. She was telling me all about what you got up to last week at school and at home. It was very nice to see her, even if it was at a distance. 


I thought I would upload some pictures of my baby Nancy for you to see. We have been doing lots of tummy time each day so Nancy can build up the muscles in her neck. She has been learning to grab her toys and enjoys listening to stories. We have also been singing lots of songs and enjoying some sensory play. 


I have also added some pictures of our dog Geoff. 


I hope you like seeing what we have been doing.


Hope to see you all soon, Mrs Pearless :)

Mrs Pearless says 'Hi!'

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Week Beginning 6th July



Wider Curriculum

Week Beginning 29th June


In Maths this week, we will be consolidating our knowledge of 3D shape and even bigger numbers! The number hunts continue but this time a bit trickier numbers, from 11 to 15! Can you please have a look at the slides, pick a number and show different ways you can make that number.  If you picked the number 11 you might show when you see the number 11 on your travels, or when you have 11 of something in your house.  What number sums make the number 11? Can you draw 11 shells? 

For shape, can you find 3D shapes in your environment, what are they called? What is different from 2D to 3D?


Happy hunting maths stars!


In Topic this week we will be learning all about different sporting events.  Have a read through the slides and learn all about the different sporting events we usually enjoy over summer.  Can you pick a sport you like (and it doesn't just have to be from the sports chosen here, it could be ballet, rounders... anything!) and draw a picture of the sport and then write a few words or sentences about the sport you like and why you like it!


In the wider curriculum this week we will doing a few fun Science experiments!  Can you make a magic wand (suggested idea for doing so below) and then have a go at the magical Science experiment below? Or, are there any Science experiments that you know which you want to share with your friends?

Week Beginning 22nd June


This week in maths we will be continuing on from last week... but a little bit more tricky! You have now consolidated your knowledge of the numbers 0-4.  Now it's time to have a look at numbers 5-10.  It's a bit more tricky but as maths experts I am sure you will be 0-10 number secure by the end of this!


Once you have read through the PowerPoints, your number hunts or finds or even number drawings would be great to see! You may want to do a drawing all about the number 7 for example.  This could be a drawing that included 7 apples and 7 pears growing on a tree surrounded by 7 birds and 7 cats.  Would you be able to draw the number 7 too?

Or you may find things around the house that include the number 7, were there 7 books on the bookshelf? Or 7 biscuits in the biscuit tin? Did you see the number 7 in a shop somewhere and if so, what did it mean?

Maths Week

It is maths week this week! To celebrate there is attached 2 fun and exciting maths tasks to have a go at.  The first one is creating your very own 'Maths of Me' poster.  This means finding out all the numbers that relate to yourself - this helps us to see that maths and number really is everywhere!! You can use your secure knowledge of numbers to help you.  

The next is Maths on Toast Bites.  These guys have created lots of fun maths activities for you to have a go at, depending on what resources you have available at home!

Have fun and happy maths week!


This week we are learning all about what life is like under the sea and different sea animals.  Can you have a look through the Power Points below and then enjoy exploring life under the sea through the virtual tours? What is life like under the sea? What animals can you see? What are they like? What other things can you see?


Can you make an 'Under the Sea' information booklet or poster? This can include a drawing or painting of what life looks like under the sea including some animals and plants you can see and some sentences to describe them!


Enjoy! smiley

Wider Curriculum

This week we are going to be looking at the weather.  The weather has been changing a lot recently so it's important to know what the different types of weather mean for us and how we need to look after ourselves in the different weather conditions.  For example, if it was really hot and sunny outside... you wouldn't wear your big winter coat to school would you?! Or if it was really windy and cold, you wouldn't wear a summer pair of shorts and sunglasses to the park would you?! No! That would be silly! wink


After you have read through and watched the resources below can you please create a weather poster? This could include a picture of someone (maybe you!) standing in your chosen weather with the appropriate clothes and ways to keep safe in that weather, including some key words or sentences to describe your drawing.  For example, if it was raining you'd probably be holding an umbrella or wearing a raincoat! Or if it was Christmas time and it was thick snow you'd probably be wearing welly boots or snow boots and gloves and a nice thick coat!


Another fun task to do, if you wanted to make a weather watcher chart for the week and record the weather for each day this week that would be great too! This could include words and drawings and if you wanted, the temperature!

Week Beginning 15th June


Over the next few weeks in Maths we are going to do a bit of number consolidation (consolidation means to make our knowledge of number really strong, in preparation for year 1 where you'll start to learn some more exciting and tricky maths number problems). 


Please can you go through the PowerPoints, one at a time and have a focus on understanding exactly what is meant by the number 4 for example.  Once you've gone through the PowerPoint can you do a number hunt?! (This can be done throughout the week). Please make a note, a photo or a collection of things you can find around your house or garden that have the number 4.  This may be 4 stones from your garden, when your clock points at 4 meaning 4 o'clock, the number 4 on a ruler meaning 4 cm or 4 biscuits left in the biscuit tin!


Have fun Number Experts!!!


This week in topic we are going to be learning all about the beach! Some of you will have been to the beach before.  Which beaches have you been too? What were they like? What kinds of things did you do there? Below are some resources you can use to find out more about the beach.  The beach is a very fun place that families and friends go to when the weather is nice to take a dip in the sea and play some fun games in the sand, however it's important to know how to keep safe at the beach! 

Once you've read through the resources can you create your own beach safety poster or booklet please? We can use these to educate others on beach and sun safety!

Wider Curriculum

Last week we learnt all about what makes us unique and special. I loved seeing your self-portraits and all the fantastic sentences you wrote about yourselves.  Following on from that, this week we are going to have a think about what it means to be a good friend.  Once you've had a read through the resources can you please create a poster about what makes a good friend? A good friend is good at sharing, saying kind things and including others. What else? I'm sure good friends love their friends no matter what their differences are because we know it's beautiful to be unique! 

I can't wait to find out what it means to you to be a good friend!






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Pearl Class

Class Teacher: Amber Pearless 

Class Teaching Assistant: Michelle Verrall-Withers


Coral Class

Class Teacher: Rose Banks

Class Teaching Assistant: Anna Gruszecka


Teaching Assistants across Reception: Anna Divilly

Reception Curriculum Map for 2019-2020


Half Term Topic Curriculum Area
Autumn 1st Half    The Wonderful World of Fairy Tales

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Understanding the World

Physical Development

Autumn 2nd Half Food and Festivals Understanding the World


Spring 1st Half Heroes and Villains

Personal Social and Emotional Development


Spring 2nd Half Spring and New Life Understanding the World


Summer 1st half Animals Understanding the WorldLiteracy

Expressive Arts and Design

Summer 2nd Half Water Expressive Arts and DesignLiteracy

Understanding the World

The themes have been chosen to ensure that there is opportunity to cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


Although specific areas of the curriculum have been highlighted, we plan for all areas to enable the children to experience a variety of play-based activities during their time in Reception. 


If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Amber Pearless.

Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.

Autumn Term

Gingerbread Men

We really enjoyed making and eating these gingerbread men.  We had learnt all about the story of The Gingerbread Man and were so happy ours didn't run away! They were delicious.
After learning how to make gingerbread men we decided to put our baking skills to the test one more time by making delicious bread! We learnt all about the Little Red Hen story and wanted to show how helpful and what kind friends we can be.
We learnt all about Autumn and the changes that it brings.  We learnt that the leaves on the trees turn orange and brown and fall to the ground and that the weather gets colder.  We made Autumn tree finger paintings and went on a Campfire Cooking trip to Crystal Palace Park where we learnt how to make three different types of campfires; each for different reasons.  We then toasted and ate our own marshmallows!

Spring Term

We have been learning all about people who help us.  We have enjoyed learning about Vets and Fire Fighters and the different ways in which they help keep people and animals in the community safe. 

Superworm Trip

We have been learning about Spring and new life.  We learnt all about mini beasts and enjoyed reading the story Superworm! We went on an exciting trip to Crystal Palace Park and built Superworm Wonderlands out of sticks, wood, string and other natural resources we found in the park.
Reception loved Science week!  We really enjoyed making and playing with slime and then Professor Nitrate showed us some really cool Science experiments and taught us all that fire needs oxygen to survive!