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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to our Year 5 Classes


Quartz Class

Class Teacher: Kofi Ampofo

Class Teaching Assistant: Christine Bristow

Claire Byrnes (SEND)


Crystal Class

Class Teacher: Daniel Ricketts

Class Teaching Assistant: James Taylor

Jade Daley (SEND)

Year 5 Curriculum Map for 2018-2019


Half Term Topic Curriculum Area
Autumn 1st Half The Eagle has Landed

History/ Geography - The Eagle Has Landed (Space and space travel)

P.E - Invasion games - Football and Netball skills

Science - Living Things and Evolution (Empiribox Science)

Computing - Researching and designing a blog

Art/ D.T - Studying Alan Bean (an astronaut turned artist )and recreating some of his work

R.E- Why do you judge me? - Understanding more about discrimination.

Autumn 2nd Half World War

History/Geography - The effects of World War I and II locally and nationally

P.E - Dance - Diwali dance

Science - Living Things and Evolution (Empiribox Science)

Computing - We are architects

Art/ D.T - Looking at artists, architects and designers in history

R.E - Christianity - The significance for Christians of the ten commandment

Spring 1st Half African Kingdom

History/ Geography - African Kingdom (Benin)

P.E - Gymnastics - Balancing

Science - Light

Computing - Designing and creating a website using Weebly

Art/ D.T - Sculpture - experimenting with form while making African animal sculptures

R.E- Judaism

Spring 2nd Half Shifting Sands in Africa

History/Geography - Shifting Sands of Africa (Egyptians)

P.E - Striking and fielding games - Rounders

Science - Light

Computing - We are cryptographers

Art/ D.T - The natural environment - Landscapes

R.E - Judaism

Summer 1st Half Invaders

History/ Geography: Learning about the Viking invaders and the legacy they left. Reading and producing maps of where the Vikings came from and where they settled.

P.E: Swimming and athletics in preparation for sports day.

Science : TBA

Computing : Programming - Using ‘Scratch’ to learn how to write code in order to make an animated figure move across the screen.

Art/ D.T: Designing and making a Viking Longboat.

R.E: Islam

Summer 2nd Half Rain drops keep falling on my head

History/ Geography: Learning about the water cycle. Drawing and labelling diagrams of the water cycle.

P.E: Swimming and dance.

Science : TBA

Computing: Programming - Using ‘Scratch’ to learn how to write code in order to make an animated figure move across the screen.

Art/ D.T: Painting - Learning different techniques used to create landscape paintings.

R.E: Islam

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Viv Bull.
Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.
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Autumn Term

This half term, Year 5 have been learning about World War 1 and World War 2. We have learned about rationing, evacuation and how women were involved in the war. We then had our World War 2 day, where a theatre company came to visit us​. The children were all involved in a play called, 'We'll Meet Again', where the children were playing evacuee school children. The children all learnt a lot from the visit. We have also been enjoying our class reading book 'War Horse' which has given us all a greater insight into World War 2.

Spring Term

This Spring Term, we are learning about the Ancient Kingdom of Benin and Egypt. We will be researching when these kingdoms existed, the way they lived and what their civilisation contributed to modern day life in terms of their art and inventions. We will also be learning about Africa as a whole and its very diverse cultures and environment.

Summer Term