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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Emergency Home Learning
Please note that you do not have to print anything out, just view on the screen and complete tasks on paper.


Thank you for your support.

If you would like to share anything with us, please email it to: 

You can also comment and add things to our class blog, by clicking here.
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You can also comment and add things to our class blog, by clicking here.


Summer Holidays

School’s out for summer, but that doesn’t mean that we stop learning! Here are a few things you could try during the holidays. 

  • Holidays are a great time to do some baking. Work with a grown-up to make some tasty treats to share with your family and friends.
  • Can you ride a bike? This is a great week to try and practise. If you can ride your bike already, maybe you could go on a long bike ride. It doesn’t have to be a bike; a scooter or trike are just as much fun!
  • Make some really wild art! Collect some natural objects, such as leaves and twigs from your garden or park and get creating! You could make a collage picture or a fabulous model.
  • Can you make a den? If it’s a rainy day, you could make one using chairs and blankets. If it’s nice weather, you could make one outside, maybe in the park or woods, using sticks and branches. 
  • Draw a picture of somewhere you would like to spend on holiday. Use your imagination. It could be real or imaginary! 
  • Read to your teddies or toys! This is a great way to practise reading in front of an audience and build up pace. 

Rockmount Sports Day at Home! W/C 13th July


This week we would like for you to take part in our Rockmount Sports Day from Home! This Sports Day can be completed independently or with siblings and is focused on encouraging you to achieve your personal best. This means you should try each activity at least 3 times to see if you can beat your previous scores and achieve your personal best. 

Coach Charlotte has put together some demonstration videos of each activity to show you exactly how they should be done. We understand that you may not have certain pieces of equipment at home. Therefore, we invite you to use your imagination to replicate the activities! For example, you could use a box to replicate a target area or a sock to replicate a bean bag. You could even use a toilet roll to replicate a football!

Attached below is a score card for you to download and use to record your scores and personal best. Please send them into the year group email address along with any photos of your Sports Day. We’d love to see how you get on!

Good luck!

Challenge 1

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Challenge 2

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Challenge 3

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Challenge 4

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Challenge 5

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Challenge 6

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Big Maths


Please click on the link for your child to complete their weekly Big Maths Challenges: (These can only be completed once a week online) You can also complete these challenges in paper form, which can be found in the CLIC pack below. 


If you need help logging in please email and we will provide you with your log in details.


If you require any other information about Big Maths or the challenges please visit




Check out our NEW CLIC pack!

Week beginning 13th July 

This week we will be looking at alliteration in sentences and writing our own. Alliteration is when words in sentences start with the same sound. For example, Sammy the slippery snake came sliding. 


Success Criteria: 

  • I can understand what alliteration means
  • I can identify alliteration in a sentence


Activity 1: Writing simple alliteration

Think about people who are important to you. This could be friends, family or even your teacher.

  • Write two sentences about people who are important to you.
  • Use at least three words that start with the same sound in each sentence.

Here is an example: I have a marvellous, motivating mum.


Activity 2: Writing an alliterative postcard

Choose a friend or family member to write a postcard to.

Explain how you've been and what you have been doing over the past week.

  • Start your postcard with a greeting such as, Hi or Hello
  • Include at least one piece of alliteration in your writing. For example, I played football with my fantastic, funny friend.
  • Make sure your sentences use capital letters and punctuation correctly.
  • Include a closing to your postcard such as, See you soon or Bye.

Once you've finished, you could ask a grown-up to help you post or deliver it.


Activity 3: Spotting alliteration

Take a look at the sentences below and see if you can mark whether they contain alliteration or not. If the sentence contains alliteration put a ✔, if it doesn't put a ✘.

  • Jade, Jess and Johnny love picking pink poppies.
  • Peter was too slow and lost the race.
  • Sally and silly Simon snacked on sweets.
  • The weather wasn't wonderful, but it wasn't bad.
  • James hoped to play tennis but the courts were not open.
  • The boy sat in his room whilst listening to music.
  • A big bad bear bit my brother.

Interactive games: 


Wider Learning

Week beginning: 6th July 

In this series of Literacy lessons, children will be reviewing poetry and rhyme. Children will be listening to a poem and looking at 'syllables'. 


Success Criteria: 

  •  I can understand what 'rhyming' means
  •  I can clap out 'syllables'
  •  I can identify words that rhyme 
  •  I can use my knowledge of rhyme to plan and write my own poem 


Extension activities: (All links attatched below) 

  • 'Washing line' interactive rhyming game 
  • Rhyming Quiz
  • Can you write an acrostic poem? 

'Moving on' activities 

As we approach the end of the school year, we have prepared a selection of 'moving on' activities for your child as they move to Year 2!


Let's have a look back on the school year and think about our favourite memories and what we are looking forward to in our future class! 


Suggested tasks: 

  • Reflect on your time in Year 1. What has been your favourite memory? What has been your favourite class activity? Design a mini book of favourite moments in Year 1! 
  •  Write a letter to your new teacher. What would you like to ask them about year 2? Can you tell them a bit about you? 
  •  Design a logo or banner with your new class name



72nd Birthday of the NHS! 

Special celebrations are taking place this week to honour the National Heath Service (NHS) on its 72nd birthday. Can you design a birthday card or poster for this occasion. Send us your final designs and we will share them on our class blog!  


Watch CBBC Newsround daily to keep up to date with current events happening around the world.



Children's Art Week 


Children's Art Week is a UK-wide programme that gives children and young people the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of art activities online, at home and in schools across three weeks in June and July. Each week will focus on a special theme                                                                                    .


Our 2020 themes are… 

Week 1 (from 29 June): The Natural World
Week 2 (from 6 July): Connecting across generations
Week 3 (from 13 July): Literacy and creative writing          


Place Value: I can partition a 3 digit number.

Remember To:

  • write the 3d number 
  • draw the sticks 
  • copy the units digit 
  • copy the tens digit with a zero on the end 
  • copy the hundreds digit with 2 zeroes on the end




I know the Fact Families for 1d + 1d facts


Remember To:

  • copy the Learn It 
  • write the Switcher 
  • bring the total (sum) to the front, change the symbol and write the 2 switchers


Check out our daily maths problems on our class blog, by clicking here.

Hello from Mr Chughtai-Skillen

*please note this video can only be viewed via the school website as it is set to private*


Internet Safety

The Internet is a fantastic source of fun and learning, but it’s worth following some simple rules to help your children stay safe online.

  • Always sit with young children when they use the Internet. 
  • There are plenty of safe places for children to play and learn on the web (like the CBeebies website) Get to know them and save them as shortcuts in your favourites folder.
  • You can adjust browser settings and filters to protect children from unsuitable sites. Internet safety organisation Internet Matters has an interactive guide to setting parental controls across your whole house.
  • If you have older children who want to explore on their own, it is a good idea to keep the computer in a family room or a place you share.
  • Talk to your child about how to stay safe and let them know they can come to you if they find themselves in any sort of trouble.


Year One Useful Resources:




Ruby Class

Class Teacher: Connor Chughtai-Skillen

Class Teaching Assistant: Dawn Holmes


Turquoise Class

Class Teacher: Amy Carvall

Class Teaching Assistant: Lydia Kazibwe

Support: Zara Job


"By building self-esteem and confidence in a nurturing environment we try to open the way for a lifelong love of learning."


Year 1 Curriculum Map for 2019-2020


Half Term Topic Curriculum Area
Autumn 1st Half 'Staying Alive'
English: Labelling/lists/captions
Maths: Number
Geography: The Continents
Science: Our Body
Computing: We Are Treasure Hunters
History: Florence Nightingale
RE: Why are we thankful?
PE: Games
Autumn 2nd Half 'Memory Box & Toys'
English: Story Writing

Maths: Number: Addition And Subtraction,Properties Of 2D And 3D Shapes
Geography: Seasons
History: Bonfire Night/ Guy Fawkes
Science: Weather
Computing: We Are Celebrating
RE: Festivals of Light

Spring 1st Half 'Fairy tales and Castles'

English: Story Writing/Retelling
Maths: Number - Place Value; Problem Solving;Mental Maths, Time
History/Geography: Famous Kings and Queens
Science: Materials
Computing: We Are Story Tellers
RE: Hinduism
PE: Gymnastics

Spring 2nd Half 'Off we go to Mexico!'
English: Non - Fiction

Maths: Measurement -Time; Money; Problem Solving; Mental Maths
History/Geography: Geographical Comparisons
Computing: We Are Collectors
RE: Judaism

Summer 1st half 'The Enchanted woodland' English: Letter Writing/Invitations

Maths: Number - Division; Problem Solving; Mental Maths
Geography: Local Area Study
Science: Naming Trees And Plants
Computing: We Are Storytellers
RE: Christianity

Summer 2nd Half 'Carnival of the Animals'
English: Poetry

Maths: Geometry: Position And Direction; Problem Solving; Mental Maths
Geography: Name And Locate Five Oceans
Science: Naming A Variety Of Common Animals
Computing: We Are Celebrating
RE: Christianity

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Amber Pearless.

Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.

Autumn Term



In Year One, we have been settling the children into their new routine. Our topic is 'Staying Alive'  and we have been learning lots of exciting things about our bodies.  The children have been enjoying the story 'Funny Bones' and have been making  their own collages of skeletons and have had great fun dancing to 'The Skeleton Dance!' We have also been learning all about healthy eating and balanced diets. We started off by reading, 'Avocado Baby' by John Burningham and thinking about what would happen if we found a magic avocado!

Staying Alive : Role Play Day

Spring Term 1 


Fairy tales and Castles 

This topic focuses on History and Science. In Science we will be finding out about different materials and how we can classify materials into different groups based on their properties. We are looking forward to learning about lots of different fairy tales, including Aladdin and Rapunzel. We are studying the sequence of a fairy tale and looking at how we can include lots of descriptive vocabulary in our writing. In History we are exploring the features of a castle and comparing old and new. We are even making our own castle models on the workshop table.


                                    Spring Term 2

Off we go to Mexico! 


This term our focus has been on Mexico and Latin America. We have been exploring facts about the Volcano 'Popocatepetl' and tasting traditional Mexican cuisine. Year 1 also had 'Science Week' where we carried out a range of different experiments and were able to draw upon scientific vocabulary to make our predictions. 

Finally, we had a wide selection of fantastic costumes to celebrate world book day on the 5th of March.