National Offer Day 2022 : Welcome to Reception. Information will be sent out to you during the month of May.
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Starting Reception

We warmly welcome you

to Rockmount Primary School

Information regarding your child starting Reception,

will be sent to you in the next few weeks.

Welcome from our Co-Headteachers

Hello Everyone,


We are delighted to welcome so many new children and families to Rockmount Primary School. We know that you will have lots of questions and we hope that the information provided here will help to answer these for you.


We are very much looking forward to meeting you in September and we are sure you will enjoy being part of our wonderful Rockmount community!


Our very best wishes to you all,


Tracey Langridge and Helen Carvall


We are pleased to share with you our Early Years brochure. You will find information about what the Foundation Stage is, the curriculum and how to prepare your child for this exciting next step in their learning journey.

Please download the following documents and return to school. Paper copies will be given when you visit us at the Open Evening.

In Reception, we promote a love of learning and focus on providing an interesting and wide range of learning opportunities. 
Here are some frequently asked questions.

What do I do if my child is going to be absent from school?

Telephone the school on 020 8653 2619 and let us the know the reason for your child's absence. If a child is marked absent on the morning's register, the office will follow this up.

Where do we get school uniform from?

You can find uniform information here.

Does my child need a PE kit?

Physical Development is one of the areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum and so we teach aspects of it daily. We therefore do not have specific PE lessons and so your child does not need a PE kit until Year 1.

My child has allergies and dietary requirements. What do I do?

Please put this information on your enrolment form and speak to your class teacher about your child's needs.

Can I bring in snacks for my child?

Each child will be offered milk and a piece of fruit during the day, so you do not need to bring in snacks.

What happens at lunchtime?

The children will be collected by their lunchtime supervisor at 11.25am, who will then take the class to the lunch hall. The children will enjoy a balanced, healthy lunch provided by Pabulum, followed by playtime in the large playground alongside Year 1 children. (If it is raining, the children will return to their classrooms for wet play activities.) At 12.25pm, the class teacher will collect their class from the playground and return to the classroom. The lunchtime supervisor will feed back any important information to the class teacher, who will inform parents/carers at the end of the school day if necessary.

How do I pay for lunches and school trips?

Rockmount is a cashless school and we use a safe and secure payment service called Parentpay.

Is water available during the day?

Yes, water is available during the day and your child will have their own named cup.

What happens if my child has an accident at school?

Toilet accidents are inevitable as your child learns new routines. We ask that all the children bring a change of clothes with them, especially during the autumn term. Staff will assist the children to change if they need help.


Other accidents are recorded by staff. If the accident is non-urgent, the parents/carers will be informed at the end of the school day. If the accident involves the head area, you will be contacted immediately. 

Will my child have homework?

Your child will have a home/school journal to draw/write about experiences that take place at home or during the weekend.

Will my child bring a reading book home?

The children are encouraged to bring books home to share with you from our reading areas. They can then change the books whenever they are ready to do so.


We teach the children to read through our phonics scheme - Read, Write Inc. This will be discussed with you during our first parent/carer consultation in the autumn term.

When can I speak to the teacher about my child's progress?

The staff are available to talk to you at the beginning and the end of each day. If you would like a longer conversation, an appointment can be made for a convenient time. We also have two Parent/Carer consultation evenings, one in the autumn term and one at the end of the spring term.

Are there clubs for my child to attend?

There are some clubs that Reception children can attend. Look at the after school activities page.

Can I use the breakfast and after school club?

Please apply for a place at our popular Rockmount Children's Club.

Is there a PTA?

Please get involved in our amazing RFC - Rockmount Friends and Community.

Helpful hints and tips.
Finally, please find some helpful hints and tips that will be useful for you and your child as you prepare for an exciting school start in September.