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Healthy School and School Meals

Rockmount is a healthy school!


Welcome to our Healthy Schools and School Meals page. Here you will find a wealth of information on healthy living and how Rockmount children are leading healthy lifestyles. 


You will also find information here about our fantastic Rockmount Learning Kitchen project, our catering company and the current menu. 


Our School Meals

At Rockmount, our catering company is called Pabulum and they provide all of our school lunches. Pabulum is one of the largest independent catering companies in the South of England with a reputation for excellent service and fabulous food. They ensure that only the freshest, finest, honestly sourced ingredients are used in their meals.


The food is not only delicious but very healthy too! Natural, home grown, organic produce is used wherever possible and every effort is made to ensure that producers have received a fair price for their goods.


Sometimes the littlest of ladies and gents can be the fussiest of eaters, but this is where Pabulum's twenty years of healthy eating experience comes into its own. They skilfully steam and simmer and sizzle, so even the particularly picky enjoy some goodness at mealtimes.

Every yummy mouthful served has been lovingly looked at, to make sure it goes above and beyond the Government's guidelines for nutritional standards, whilst tasting delicious. Pabulum only work with suppliers whose guidelines on growing meet our high standards.

They are passionate about home-grown goodness and our highly trained team of kitchen wizards work tirelessly to cook up a wide-ranging menu of locally sourced, seasonal produce for you and your classes full of hungry tums.


Respect for the world we live in is extremely important to us and Pabulum make sure that they take positive steps to minimise the carbon footprint. Pabulum only work with trusted, regular suppliers with a commitment to sustainability.


Reception and KS1 children are entitled to free school meals.


Our school meals are very reasonably priced at £2.30 each, £11.50 per week.



Healthy Schools Information