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Get Cooking

There are lots of benefits to cooking with children, the main benefit being that cooking is fun! Allowing your child to support cooking at home will also benefit other areas of development such as confidence, problem solving, following instructions, creativity and physical skills such as fine motor and eye-hand coordination.


Cooking allows for a practical opportunity to apply skills linked to the curriculum in many ways, for example:

Maths - when cooking, we weigh ingredients and use timers

Literacy - reading and writing recipes, writing taste reviews 

Science - observing the changes that are taking place



Get Cooking!

We have teamed up with our catering company Pabulum in order to give the children the opportunity to produce a vegetarian dish that will appear on our menu in the summer term. If you would like to get involved please look at the attachments below.



Take a look at the entries for the competition! Hopefully you are inspired to try a new delicious dish.

How to safely cut food 


​When preparing food, it is important to do so safely. Please watch the clips below to learn more about the 'The Bridge Hold' and 'The Claw Grip' which are techniques that we learn and use at school. Encourage your child to use the same grip if they are helping you at home. 

The Bridge Hold

The Claw Grip