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Work submitted by Garnet Class

IG had a clever idea, and decided to use Scratch Junior for this week's Science challenge. You can see some of the screenshots below.
This accurate and well-presented food chain diagram was sent through by AB - great work!
A couple of great presentations have been sent through by IW at the close of term; one on electricity, and the other on Anglo-Saxon society. View them below by clicking on each page to enlarge the slide.
NA sent through this excellent investigation about e angle to fire your weapons at, in a cross-curricular exercise combining Science and our Anglo-Saxons topic. Again, just click on each slide to see it in full size.
IW submitted this excellent quiz about the Anglo-Saxons. Because it’s web-based I have attached some screenshots for you to view it here – click on the images to view in full size.

I was also pleased to see some great initiative shown by IW with his Maths work this week; we have been looking at data and charts, so he used Apple Numbers to solve some of the questions – you can see the results here!

Some excellent Science work has also just been sent through. NA and JW submitted the excellent posters below, which you can see in full size if you click on them below.

And now I'm happy to present an amazing feature film, in which HBW stars as a Roman shepherd who finds himself transported in time to the present day. Be warned that this one is not for the squeamish, as *spoiler alert* not all of the characters are going to make it out of this alive...

HBW Roman Film.mp4

Still image for this video
More excellent computing work has been coming through again. This time NA has not only sent the file through, she also filmed a walk-through demonstration video to watch below.


Still image for this video
JM has been creative again with his latest Scratch project. Watch the video below to see his program in action!

Mr Haines 2.0 by JM.mp4

Still image for this video
I must say, I've been hugely impressed by some of the computing work I've seen sent through recently.  JM put together this excellent dinosaur game, and even had the commitment to send the prototype through to Mr Haines to test it out!
DB has actually sent through two games now, and is starting to get very advanced in her programming skills.  You can see the links to both of these games underneath to test them out and see the coding for yourselves!
I scored 36 on VB's excellent football game, because I'm so hardcore. Can you do better? Of course you can't. Nobody can beat Mr Haines. But the link is underneath if you want to try...
Can you tame and control JDK's fire breathing dragon? It's a fearsome beast!
Today LH shares with us both his picture of an Anglo-Saxon Village, and also some facts about an Anglo-Saxon god!
EW has been busy putting together this Anglo-Saxon quiz. How many can you get? Answers are in the document below...
I was pleased to see that after our online topic lesson about Anglo-Saxon villages, ATT was working so had that he went away and built one! Absolutely outstanding work ATT, well done.
Do you like word searches? Do you like cakes? Aha! LH has just what you need below then. Be warned though; it's a tricky one...
LH has also been doing some fantastic work in his Computing tasks recently. His interactive toy has turned out to be very successful; as well as showing us the screenshot below, he has also very kindly shared the link with us so that we can look at the coding. Great work, and a really impressive attitude towards helping others.
This week, historian JC has been examining Anglo-Saxon artifacts. Further documentation is provided below.
NA has been working very hard recently. Just look at some of the samples of work below that she just sent through!
RM has been going full steam ahead with his spelling skills this term. Here he comes again with another 10/10 score; I can't remember the last time he ever got one wrong!
DB participated in Healthy Eating Week by making this excellent poster for gnocci bake. Then she didn't save any of it for Mr Haines. Bah.
I've been having trouble finding the ingredients to make the chocolate cake Mrs Waller has been talking about this week. No - I'm not talking about my kitchen cupboards - I mean locating them in DB's chocolate cake word search below! See if you can do any better than I did...
ATT has made a picture  which illustrates Michael Rosen's poem Chocolate Cake to accompany this!
Also from ATT today we have a reading of the poem Starfish by Ted Hughes. Many thanks for sending that through!

ATT Reading Starfish by Ted Hughes.m4v

Still image for this video
JW has decided that he needs a little break from modern day city life, and is heading off to live in an Anglo-Saxon village instead. Here's a picture below that he drew of where he is heading!
Inspired by Mrs Waller's poetry reading, DB would like to read us a poem herself, sitting out in the garden in the sunshine!

DB poem.mp4

Still image for this video
However, that's not the only character than can be spotted in DB's garden these days... Look carefully here and you'll spot Spiky McSpikeface, a hedgehog from Pickle Lane Wood over making a visit.
If you're currently starting to think about which Anglo-Saxon town to visit this weekend, DB can help you by explaining what some of the place names mean.
BC has been performing outstandingly at Maths recently, scoring an unbeatable 24/24 on this arithmetic test. Well done!
JW has been busy again. Today we have a map of Anglo-Saxon Britain, an Iron Man menu and also an Iron Man scripted scene! Click on the images below to see them in full size.
Thanks to ATT for sending through an explanation of Anglo-Saxon place names, and a map to help us find our way around Anglo-Saxon Britain!
JW has been doing a great job on his Computing project so far. Below you can see a picture of his prototype toy design, and then a screenshot from the design process itself. If you want to go in and further investigate what he has done to create his algorithms then just follow the link below. Fantastic work JW!

BC sent me an e-mail the other day telling me what she's been up to, and then I also heard from MM as well. I love receiving e-mails from the class, so if you get the chance do please send me through a message telling me how your week is going. MM also sent me this photo of the great Fraction Robot that he's made this week!

I also received an e-mail from COM the other day, who it was great to hear from. He's really been getting to grips with our Anglo-Saxons topic, as you can see in the video below!

COM Runic Writing.m4v

Still image for this video
DB has also made great progress in designing her interactive toy on Scratch, where she has designed an interactive Iron Man! Have a look at the video below to see what she's been working on. You can also see the planning sheet that she followed under it!

The Iron Man on Scratch by DB.mp4

Still image for this video
IH has been working hard on his Computing. What's more, he's also been kind enough to share his work with us in a tutorial style video, which some others might find helpful when completing the task themselves.

IH Scratch Toy.mp4

Still image for this video
Thanks to ATT for sending through this excellent menu for the Iron Man!
A great fun activity you can do in the early days of Summer is to plant sunflower seeds. In this video, ZP shows us exactly how to do it.

ZP planting seeds.mp4

Still image for this video
The SPAG Police have been in action, and this week the Determiners Detective has been in out, going into full CSI mode to hunt down and catch those pesky determiners! (Well, if you look closely you'll see that it's actually DB!)
JW is off the mark already with the first piece of work sent in about Anglo-Saxons. Here you can read about King Vortigern of the 5th century Britons.
Helping us to dive deeply into our new topic, ZP shares information with us using this excellent PowerPoint which she has created. Some great research gas gone into this.
Keep your doors and windows locked - the Iron Man has been spotted nearby again! This time he made it into HBW's house, who bravely went up and confronted him!
COM has sent a great selection of work through. Below you can see some French, RE, SPAG and even some historical work about the Vikings. Click on each picture to see the full size.
DB has been busy this week. First of all she drew a picture of the Iron Man...
...then she went a step further, and made her own Iron Man! Here's a video of DB introducing him.

DB Iron Man.m4v

Still image for this video

JW drew this great picture of the Iron Man. I will allow him to describe it in his own words...


Iron Man description
The Iron Man is a giant machine who eats metal. He is no threat, not at all, but people see him
as one. His head is the size of an average bedroom and his body is the size of a house.he has
headlamp eyes that change color for emotions.The iron man is not an overly smart robot he can
be tricked.

My illustration
I have drawn the iron man's foot in the water because it was hard to draw the foot in such a
angle. Also it shows he can have accidents. When drawing I decided not to draw a silhouette
the reason for this is I wanted to show the Iron plates that fell off to show the pistons in side of
him. To show, how big he was I put trees and a barn around the scene. He has a type of rust
colour on him because he is old and has crashed in the ocean once.

IW says goodbye to Roman Britain with this well researched PowerPoint on Roman Emperors. Click on the file below to see the full version.
As we come to the end of our Romans in Britain topic, ZP is going out on a high with this fantastic Roman Colosseum which she made!
ATT has been hard at work on The Iron Man, and sent through these three excellent pieces. Click on any of the images below to see them in full size!
DM has also built her own Iron Man out of spare parts - what a brilliant and original idea!
HBW has been writing about The Iron Man, showing some excellent sentence construction and grammar. You can see his impressive written work below.
Do you remember the setting from Pickle Lane Pond which Mrs Bristow described to us at half term? Well, ZP has drawn a lovely picture of the animals that live there.
Mathematicians were very distinguished people in Roman times. Could you have held court as a Roman mathematician? Have a try at these questions below, which were sent through by LH. Answers are in the document below.
In yet another great piece of work submitted by ZP, here's a non-chonological report about the Romans!
Did you know that EW used to live in Roman Londinium? What's more, she designed these authentic-looking Roman coins whilst she was there. I wonder if they would still accept them in the newsagent nowadays?
In this video, ZP introduces us to her own Iron Man, that she cleverly made herself out of materials she could find.

Robot by ZP.m4v

Still image for this video
JW has been making great use of his time during half term by trying out Mrs Waller's Science experiments!

ATT has made a brilliant game to share with us. I can't wait to play this back at school one day! Click on the images to enlarge the pictures.

NA has been working hard over recent weeks, and has definitely earned a half term break! take a look at some of the work she's sent through below.

Well done to COM; not only for producing this music-inspired artwork, but also for making a stop-motion film about the creation of it!

COM art.mp4

Still image for this video
IW has a tale to share with you; the story of Jupiter and the bee. Click on the link below to read the full story.
Further evidence has revealed that Roman Colosseums were indeed made of Lego! One of the world's leading archaeologists BC shares the latest documentary film with us about this subject below.

The colosseum in Rome by BC.mp4

Still image for this video
If you need to get yourself some new shoes, but find yourself living in Roman Londinium, don't let that little problem get in the way. Pop along to EW's Roman shoe shop to get yourself kitted up! Rich or poor, that doesn't matter - all Romans catered for!
DB has sent through this fantastic map of a Roman Town. Did you know that Primulinium means Daisy Town in Latin, and M. Cornelius Fronto means Mr Haines!
Have you heard the story about what happened to Bob Bamboo? DM will tell you all about it in her brilliant video below.

Bob Bamboo By DM.m4v

Still image for this video
ZP has some fantastic facts about Romans to share with us. She's also made a short film, which was actually shot in a real Roman colosseum! Well, historians are currently not in full agreement about whether Roman colosseums were made of Lego, but it looks pretty realistic to me...

ZP Roman Colosseum Tour.m4v

Still image for this video
This may come as a surprise to many, but COM is a little older than he looks. A couple of thousand years older, in fact, as he was a Celtic man during the Roman invasion of Britain! Click on the link below to read his diary entry, written over two thousand years ago...
DM has beautifully written and illustrated the Romulus and Remus story, which you can see below.
NA has also re-written the Romulus and Remus story. In her version, they travel in time!
I've been impressed by the other work NA has sent through recently also.  Just look at all those correct answers on the Maths sheets!
Here are both some photos of ZP working hard and also another cool video, showing what she gets up to in a stop motion film. Very clever, if it doesn't make your head explode watching it!


Still image for this video
JW's diagram very clearly illustrates the difference between the rich and poor in terms of the footwear they had to wear.
Thanks to AC for sending through this excellent Boudica poem!
Here is another great video from ZP, about what the Romans did for us!

ZP What the Romans did for Britain.MOV

Still image for this video
I am pleased to see that the fortifications of Londinium keep on strengthening, with the addition of this excellent Roman shield from IW!
Feeling peckish? ATT has been baking! Click on the images below to see the full size pictures.
In another great video, ZP gives us her own version of the Romulus and Remus story. Will there be a different ending for the sisters, though? Watch it and see!

ZP Romulus And Remus Alternative Story.m4v

Still image for this video
ZP has also been busy writing an adventure story and researching what the Romans did for us; great work!
JC has been working hard on his Science this week, and was happy to share it with us.
JDK has been out in the wild again, and today he discusses the nesting habits of swans with us.

JDK Swans.m4v

Still image for this video
Do you know the story of Romulus and Remus? Well, DB has made a great stop motion film all about it!

Romulus And Remus By DB.m4v

Still image for this video
Now make sure you have the sound turned on and you'll hear a familiar voice, as LM's brilliant stop motion film tells the story of Boudica!

Boudicca by LM.m4v

Still image for this video
EW sent us these great pictures taken during her family's VE Day celebrations.
As JDK continues to explore nature in the forest, in this video he shows us where the beavers live!

JDK beavers.m4v

Still image for this video
Londinium is growing better protected by the day; now JW has made this excellent shield ready for battle!
ATT has been hard at work composing an excellent story about a Roman Gladiator. Click on the images below to enlarge the pages!
I know that NA has been working very hard on her studies whilst the school has been closed, so it was great to receive some of her work sent through recently and to share it here.
It doesn't end there though, because NA has also created a fantastic game in which the Romans battle the Celts. What's even better, she made a video to show us all about it. Apparently the Romans usually win, which makes her game historically accurate!

NA Romans v Celts Game.mp4

Still image for this video
Well done to JH, who has been staying focused and working hard during these difficult times.
DB has been working hard as usual, and wit the help of her dad put the story of Romulus and Remus into this amazing cartoon
LH will be well protected in battle, after making these excellent shields.
JW has been busy again, adding to the excellent selection of work that he has been sending through with information about Boudica and catchign gladiators.
What have you been up to recently? EW did a bit of cooking...


Still image for this video
JDK has recorded a special video for VE Day, in which he shows us a site in the forest left over from the Second World War some seventy-five years later.

JDK VE Day.m4v

Still image for this video
EW has shared her work on Romulus and Remus in the documents below - take a look! She has also been working so hard on her times tables that she beat Mr Haines twice in this Wednesday's Times Tables Rock Stars competition. Watch the video underneath to see how she celebrated.


Still image for this video
Londinium's defences against Boudica's attack have just been increased, with this excellent shield made by IG - well done!
JH has been working hard on his spellings recently; keep up the good work!
It was excellent to receive this marvellous video made by COM, who made a deadly Roman Gladius. He also sent in a brilliant Maths challenge for our class blog. Watch the film below!


Still image for this video
ATT sent through a marvellous piece about Boudica, the theme of this week's Topic lesson!
JT has been in touch to share a great piece of work about Gladiators and their weapons.
Feeling peckish? Here are some tasty cakes that EW has been baking with her sister!
AB has been writing some very well written book reviews recently; below you will see her reviews of "The Greatest Dancer" and "The Girl Who Spoke Bear." We also have some of her great artwork as well. Click on any of the images to view the larger size.
NA has been hard at work producing a book review, a Roman Gladiator instructions for how to capture one. Great work!
This brilliant diagram of a Roman Gladiator was sent in by EW - open the file below to view it.

How does a tree manage to hold its heavy branches off, without them snapping off due to the weight? Here JDK explains...

JDK Trees.m4v

Still image for this video
Anyone keeping active at the moment by dancing at home? Here's Eloise doing the chili wiggle!


Still image for this video
What's that you say? Romans attacking? Well, HBW should be well protected with this excellent shield that he's just made.
DB sent through this amazing Roman Top Trumps set which she made. She's been playing games against her family, so they could all learn more about Romans together. Click on each image to see the enlarged version. Fantastic work!
RM has been hard at work making an impressive Roman shield. He should be well defended if Boudicca attacks!
In further examples of excellent work, DB and IG have been annotating some poems, and both IW and EW put together instructions on how to trap and catch a Roman Gladiator. Click on the links below to see the documents!
JDK has been busy making another film for us; this time about plants, and the effects of growing in different locations. Watch this film below!


Still image for this video
JC sent some excellent work through on how to trap a gladiator. Click on the images to see the pages in larger size!
It was good to hear from VB this week, who has been getting stuck in to his Roman Britain studies.
JW has also been working hard again, sending through work on archaeology, science and a special report on inventions of the Roman empire!
If you should ever find yourself needing to trap a Roman Gladiator, DB has sent through this very helpful guide!

JDK has made a great start start to this term's Computing project, organising his plans for a Roman wiki.

He also sent through an amazing film showing one of the things he's been up to out in nature during his isolation period in Poland. Hopefully there will be more of these to follow!

JDK film 1.wmv

Still image for this video
For those of you who have had ant Romans around to visit recently, that might have had problems understanding our current system of numbering, AC has produced this helpful conversion chart for Roman numerals!
ZP sent in some pictures of her working hard at home with her brothers, and also a short film that she made!

ZP film.MOV

Still image for this video
ATT has also been extremely hard at work recently; you can see a selection of his excellent Roman work below!
Mr Haines was touched to receive this amazing poster from ZP recently, including comments on it from other members of her family!

It's pleasing to see that members of the class have been working so hard. Here we see samples of a 20/20 Maths score from JDK,Roman Gladiator Topic work from AC and a selection of the hard work done by HBW laid out on the floor!


In another excellent and original twist on our Romans in Britain topic, COM recently read and wrote about the Shakespeare play Julius Caesar (which was set in Roman times). Read his synopsis/review below!
BC has been busy recently and help us to transition from our old topic to the new one, with facts about animals from the Amazon Rainforest and some great information researched about the Romans!
MM also did the same, sending through a letter about the rainforest and some great archaeological findings. excellent work MM!
In a fantastically original piece of Topic work, JC has created a chess set of Roman characters, constructed out of Lego!
EW has been busy recently, sending in three pieces of work today - gladiator research, illustrationns and also this week's Science challenge!
Thanks to JC for sending in his excellent gladiator research to share with us.
DB will be well protected from attack, as she has just created this impenetrable Roman shield! Great work!
DM had been using some of the lockdown time to build an impressive butterfly table; you can see a powerpoint detailing her progress so far here:
I am Spartacus! JW has sent through this brilliant and inspired film review which he has written about the film Spartacus, which is extremely relevant to our current topic.
Thank you to DB for sending in this excellent Roman Gladiator artwork!
Well done to JW for sharing some photos of the latest Science experiment with us!
JC has been working hard at home, researching information about Roman gladiators!
EW has been doing some archaeology, and dug up Roman artifacts, which can be seen in the file below!
This excellent and insightful book review has been submitted by DM:
Well done to A T-T who made this amazing Roman shield, which is the first piece of topic homework which has been sent through this term. What a high standard to start the term off with!