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Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties

What does speech, language and communication (SLC) refer to? 

Speech is how we say sounds and words. People with speech problems may:

  • not say sounds clearly
  • have a hoarse or raspy voice
  • repeat sounds or pause when speaking, called stuttering

Language is the verbal communication used to share ideas, thoughts, feelings and needs. A person with a language disorder may have problems:

  • understanding
  • talking
  • reading
  • writing

Communication refers to how we interact with others. 


How do we support children with SCL needs at Rockmount?

At Rockmount, we seek advice from Speech and Language Therapists as well as using specialist strategies and resources in order to remove barriers to learning for children with SLCN. Below are some of the key strategies and resources used. 


  • Using children's names before giving them an instruction to gain their attention
  • Breaking down longer instructions into chunks to allow pupils time to process the information they are hearing
  • Simplifying language used with children to help their understanding
  • Checking that children have understood an instruction after it has been given 
  • Using visuals to aid understanding and support effective communication
  • Repetition of key language and vocabulary in different contexts to embed new learning
  • Allowing opportunities for pupils to use their communication skills at their own level. This can have a positive impact on self-esteem


Below are documents and links to resources and information around supporting children with speech, language and communication needs and their families.