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Sensory Impairment

What is a sensory impairment?

A sensory impairment is an impairment affecting hearing and sight or long term health conditions such as epilepsy.


How do we support pupils with a sensory impairment at Rockmount?

At Rockmount, we use a variety of strategies and resources to support our pupils with sensory impairments to ensure all barriers to learning are removed. Below are some of the key strategies used with our pupils. 


  • Managed seating plans which ensure pupils with a visual or hearing impairment are sat so they see or hear the staff appropriately

  • The use of coloured overlays to support reading

  • Encouraging touch and offering tactile experiences

  • Encouraging movement in a safe environment with managed risks

  • Reducing background noise in the learning environment

  • Engaging in secure eye contact during communication 



Below are documents and links to information and resources around supporting children with sensory impairments and their families.