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Wellbeing Award

After achieving the award in 2019, we are proud to have been reassessed in 2022 to reaffirm our commitment to mental health and wellbeing. Thank you to our whole school community for your support in helping us to achieve this great accomplishment. The award assessor was particularly impressed with the high importance placed on wellbeing and mental health which was visible throughout the school. Our wellbeing areas were particularly commented on, as each classroom demonstrated how pupils and staff have taken ownership and responsibility for wellbeing and mental health.


The Wellbeing Award Framework consists of eight objectives, each of which contains several Key Performance Indicators. The award focused on ensuring effective practice and provision is in place to promote the emotional wellbeing and mental health of the whole school community. Good provisions were already in place across the school and the award enabled us to extend our practice and ensure that wellbeing is embedded in the long-term culture of our school. It helped us to create an ethos where mental health is regarded as the responsibility of all.


With this award, we demonstrated our commitment to:

  • Promoting  positive mental health throughout the school curriculum
  • Improving the emotional wellbeing of our pupils, staff and the wider school community
  • Ensuring mental health needs are identified early and appropriate support is provided
  • Offering provision and interventions to match the needs of our pupils, staff and the wider school community
  • Challenging the stigma surrounding mental health and increase awareness