National Offer Day 2022 : Welcome to Reception. Information will be sent out to you during the month of May.
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Rockmount Primary School

All Can Achieve

Values and Ethos

Mission Statement

As an inclusive, creative school community with high expectations, we will provide opportunities for everyone to achieve their very best and become confident and responsible citizens.


Aims and Values

The staff, governors, pupils and parents have discussed our core values and agreed the following aims:


  • To provide a safe and secure environment
  • To promote the physical and mental wellbeing of every individual
  • To celebrate diversity
  • To strive for excellence and enjoyment
  • To encourage healthy lifestyles
  • To take responsibility for our own development
  • To enable personal challenge
  • To develop independent and resilient learners
  • To provide first hand experiences in a creative curriculum
  • To promote sustainability
  • To contribute to the community and beyond