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Year 6 Leadership Team

Year 6 Student Leadership Team


Mission Statement


At Rockmount Primary School our school motto is “All can achieve”.



The Year 6 Leadership Team 2018/19’s fundamental mission is simple; to pursue and encourage this belief, within themselves and within their peers.


That is easy to say but how can this be done?


  • Without doubt the most effective way to convince someone that a difficult or seemingly impossible goal is within their grasp is to achieve it.
  • To demonstrate conclusively that without question it can be done.
  • Not only can it be done but I can do it and I can show you how.
  • Or in other lead.


5 children, democratically elected by their peers with a mission;


· To test the perceived boundaries of what is achievable

· To serve as an example to others in all of the areas of their lives.

· To relentlessly endeavour to exceed their own personal expectations.


The team had a look at last years (2017/18) mission statement and were offered the chance to alter or completely change it but they unanimously decided to keep it.