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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Emerald Class

Class Teacher: Daniel Ricketts

Class Teaching Assistant: Debbie Russell


Garnet Class

Class Teacher: Mark Haines

Class Teaching Assistant: Sarah Posner

Year 5 Curriculum Map for 2020-2021


Half TermTopicCurriculum Area
Autumn 1st HalfThe Eagle has Landed

History/ Geography - The Eagle Has Landed (Space and space travel)

P.E - Invasion games - Football and Netball skills

Science - Earth and Space

Computing - Researching and designing a blog

Art/ D.T - Studying Alan Bean (an astronaut turned artist )and recreating some of his work

R.E- Islam

Autumn 2nd HalfWorld War

History/Geography - The effects of World War I and II locally and nationally

P.E - Dance - Diwali dance

Science - Properties & Change of Materials

Computing - We are architects

Art/ D.T - Looking at artists, architects and designers in history

R.E - Christianity

Spring 1st HalfThe Terrible Tudors

History/ Geography - The Tudors

P.E - Gymnastics - Balancing

Science - Properties of Materials

Computing - Designing and creating a website using Weebly

Art/ D.T - Sculpture - experimenting with form while making Tudor crafts

R.E- Sikhism

Spring 2nd HalfShifting Sands in Africa

History/Geography - Shifting Sands of Africa (Egyptians)

P.E - Striking and fielding games - Rounders

Science - Living Things and Life Cycles

Computing - We are cryptographers

Art/ D.T - The natural environment - Landscapes

R.E - Sikhism

Summer 1st HalfInvaders

History/ Geography: Learning about the Viking invaders and the legacy they left. Reading and producing maps of where the Vikings came from and where they settled.

P.E: Swimming and athletics in preparation for sports day.

Science : Forces

Computing : Programming - Using ‘Scratch’ to learn how to write code in order to make an animated figure move across the screen.

Art/ D.T: Designing and making a Viking Longboat.

R.E: Pilgrimage

Summer 2nd HalfRain drops keep falling on my head

History/ Geography: Learning about the water cycle. Drawing and labelling diagrams of the water cycle.

P.E: Swimming and dance.

Science : Animals including humans

Computing: Programming - Using ‘Scratch’ to learn how to write code in order to make an animated figure move across the screen.

Art/ D.T: Painting - Learning different techniques used to create landscape paintings.

R.E: Pilgrimage

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Hannah Langmead-Thorpe

Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.


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