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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!



Diamond Class

Class Teacher: Daniel Ricketts

Class Teaching Assistant: Debbie Russell


Jade Class

Class Teacher: Grace Dawson

Class Teaching Assistant: Margaret Moloney

Year 5 Curriculum Overview for 2021-2022


Half TermTopicCurriculum Area
Autumn 1st HalfThe Eagle has Landed

History/ Geography - The Eagle Has Landed (Space and space travel)

P.E - Invasion games - Football and Netball skills

Science - Earth and Space

Computing - Researching and designing a blog

Art/ D.T - Studying Alan Bean (an astronaut turned artist )and recreating some of his work

R.E- Islam

Autumn 2nd HalfWorld War

History/Geography - The effects of World War I and II locally and nationally

P.E - Dance - Diwali dance

Science - Properties & Change of Materials

Computing - We are architects

Art/ D.T - Looking at artists, architects and designers in history

R.E - Christianity

Spring 1st HalfThe Terrible Tudors

History/ Geography - The Tudors

P.E - Gymnastics - Balancing

Science - Light

Computing - Designing and creating a website using Weebly

Art/ D.T - Sculpture - experimenting with form while making Tudor crafts

R.E- Sikhism

Spring 2nd HalfShifting Sands in Africa

History/Geography - Shifting Sands of Africa (Egyptians)

P.E - Striking and fielding games - Rounders

Science - Living Things and Life Cycles

Computing - We are cryptographers

Art/ D.T - The natural environment - Landscapes

R.E - Sikhism

Summer 1st HalfInvaders

History/ Geography: Learning about the Viking invaders and the legacy they left. Reading and producing maps of where the Vikings came from and where they settled.

P.E: Swimming and athletics in preparation for sports day.

Science : Forces

Computing : Programming - Using ‘Scratch’ to learn how to write code in order to make an animated figure move across the screen.

Art/ D.T: Designing and making a Viking Longboat.

R.E: Pilgrimage

Summer 2nd HalfRain drops keep falling on my head

History/ Geography: Learning about the water cycle. Drawing and labelling diagrams of the water cycle.

P.E: Swimming and dance.

Science : Animals including humans

Computing: Programming - Using ‘Scratch’ to learn how to write code in order to make an animated figure move across the screen.

Art/ D.T: Painting - Learning different techniques used to create landscape paintings.

R.E: Pilgrimage

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Hannah Langmead-Thorpe

Please read our half termly curriculum letters for more information.



1) Read nightly for at least 15minutes and complete your 'reading record' for marking on a Friday.

2) Complete at least 1 of the books allocated to you on 'BUG CLUB' each week.

3) Learn your spellings for your Friday test.

4) Continue practising your times tables and number bonds


Half termly

1) To complete at least 3 tasks from the 'Homework Menu' and submit either in class or online at Google Classroom.


Autumn Term

The children have all settled in well to the new year group and have enjoyed meeting their friends again. We have been studying 'Sad Book' by Michael Rosen and the children have already become authors creating their own version of the story about themselves.