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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Tanzanite Class

Class Teacher: Hannah Thompson

Class Teaching Assistant: Claire Byrnes


Amethyst Class

Class Teacher: Kofi Ampofo

Class Teaching Assistant: Anna Miszkiel

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase, Kofi Ampofo, or email the Year 6 team:

Please read our half termly curriculum letters for more information.

Spring 1 Curriculum Letter

Autumn 2 Curriculum Letter

Autumn 1 Curriculum Letter


Trip to Lihn Son Buddhist Temple

As part of their learning about Buddhism, the children had a trip to the Lihn Son Buddhist Temple. The children first met the monk, who was in charge of looking after the temple. Even with a language barrier, the monk was able to communicate to us the meaning of some of the objects we could see in the temple. In small groups, the children were given to opportunity to sit in the temple, being mindful of their surroundings, and sketch the beautifully adorned alter.

Finally, the children were able to spend some time in the temple gardens, answering questions about what they could see and the meanings behind some of the symbols and sculptures.

Autumn Term

Croydon Citizenship Scheme


As part of our year 6 transition program to help support our children as they prepare to move onto secondary school, the children took part in the Croydon Junior Citizenship Scheme at Croydon Fire Station.


The workshop taught the children valuable life skills to help them become more aware of what they can do to help themselves and others to make responsible decisions for a healthier and safer lifestyle. Some of the organisations that took part were the Metropolitan Police Service, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, Hope UK (Promoting Good Health Choices) and Tfl Stars Safety and Citizenship Team.

Victorian Day


In Autumn 1, we learnt about the Victorians. As part of the children's learning, we had an excellent visit from a theatre group who worked with the children to tell the story of the Victorian times through drama.

The workshop explored what it was like to spend a day in Victorian England. The children were transported back to the late 1880's showing them everyday life in Victorian times. They also did this  dressed in Victorian attire, to get a real authentic feel of the period.

West Norwood Cemetery Trip

As part of our History topic, Year 6 visited West Norwood Cemetery in order to learn more about what life was like in our local area during the Victorian Era. 


This trip enabled the children to appreciate the depth of history the cemetery has to offer right on our doorstep. It is home to some famous Victorian graves such as those of Isabella Beeton and Sir Henry Tate - plus many more.


During the visit, the children used their geographical skills to follow a map around the cemetery and record information from the Victorian graves. Once back in the classroom, they used their mathematical skills to create graphs and charts to answer questions about birth and death rates during different years and look for patterns and trends. They then used their historical reasoning skills to provide explanations for these patterns and trends.