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Circle Time


Children's Mental Health Week  - Express Yourself

During Children's Mental Health Week, children found different ways to express themselves. 


Year 2 Parent, "its been so lovely seeing the children sharing so many views and talents and being so proud and celebrating their peers with such joy."



Year 5 Guide to Mental Health 

World Mental Health Day

We supported the charity Young Minds by wearing a bright and cheerful colour. 




Year 4 and 5 work on a psycho-education project developed by psychologists and therapists from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Click here to find out more. 



Wellbeing Areas

Every classroom has a positive safe place equipped with calming resources designed to help children relax and regulate their emotions. 



Lunchtime Quiet Room

A quieter place at lunchtime




Wellbeing Displays










The Children's Yoga Tree work with children in the Foundation Stage and Year 1 on calm breathing and mindfulness techniques to address their physical, mental and emotional needs. Click here to find yoga activities for children.



Playground Pod




The children in Nursery enjoying the benefits of music to support relaxation whilst exploring their thoughts and feelings. Click here to read how music can enhance wellbeing. 



The Children's Yoga Tree work with KS2 on techniques to manage their emotions, enabling them to practice calm concentration, put aside their worries and make positive choices. 



Dance Therapy 

KS2 work to express themselves through movement and dance as a tool to help raise self esteem through creative expression. Click here to find out how exercise helps your mental wellbeing.


Minds on Art

MOA have worked across the school to explore mindfulness through art and drama.



NSPCC supporting children to understand the signs and types of abuse and where to get help. Click here to find out more about the NSPCC.




Toya Walker, a parent and illustrator, worked with Year 1 to create an animation about emotions.





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