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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Jet Class

Class Teacher: Hannah Langmead-Thorpe

Class Teaching Assistant: James Taylor


Onyx Class

Class Teacher: Kofi Ampofo

Class Teaching Assistant: Claire Byrnes


Zircon Class

Class Teacher: Lauren Fuller

Class Teaching Assistant: Anna Miszkiel



If you are self-isolating at home, please head to our Google Classroom page to find work to complete at home.

Year 6 Curriculum Map for 2020-2021


Half Term Topic Curriculum Area
Autumn 1st Half What Was Life Like In Our Area During The Victorian Era?

English: Classic Fiction - Oliver Twist; Biography/Autobiography; Recounts; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Multiplication/Division; Geometry; Measures; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Victorians

Science: Electricity 

Computing: Programming

R.E: Christianity

Art/DT: Printing

P.E: Football/Swimming

Autumn 2nd Half Crime and Punishment

English: Core text- 'Wild Boy' ; Balanced Arguments; Speeches; Crime Fiction

Maths: Place Value; Statistics; Fractions/Percentages; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Crime And Punishment Through The Ages

Science: Earth in Space

Computing: Programming

R.E: Christianity

Art/DT: Sculpture

P.E: Netball/Swimming

Spring 1st Half North America

English: Short Stories, Legends, Brochures; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Fractions; Ratio And Proportion; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: North America/ Native American Civilisation

Science: Forces 

Computing: Software Programmes

R.E: Islam

Art/DT: Pointillism/3D maps

P.E: Gymnastics

Spring 2nd Half Natural Disasters

English: Explanation; Science Fiction; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Probability; Angles; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Natural Disasters

Science: Forces

Computing: Software Programmes

R.E: Buddhism

Art/DT: Painting Acrylic/Watercolour

P.E: Invasion Games

Summer 1st half Ancient Baghdad

English: Core text- 'Why the Whales Came' ;Revision; Narrative; Reading And Writing

Maths: Revision; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Ancient Baghdad

Science: Animals including humans

Computing: Programming

R.E: Journeys

Art/DT: Aboriginal Art / Make A Fairground Ride

P.E: Cricket

Summer 2nd Half Entertainment through the Ages

English: Letters; Adverts; Poetry

Maths: Transition Unit - Investigative Mathematics 

History/Geography:  Entertainment through the Ages

Science: Animals Including Humans

Computing: Programming

R.E: Journeys

Art/DT: Designers In History

P.E: Athletics

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and 

Teaching Leader for this phase: Hannah Langmead-Thorpe

Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.
Weekly spellings and other homework can be found on Google Classroom  - Please use the same log in used during lockdown.