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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Emerald Class

Class Teacher: Hannah Langmead Thorpe

Class Teaching Assistant: Anna Miszkiel


Garnet Class

Class Teacher: Kofi Ampofo

Class Teaching Assistant: Claire Byrnes


Year 6 Curriculum Overview for 2021-2022


Half TermTopicCurriculum Area
Autumn 1st HalfWhat Was Life Like In Our Area During The Victorian Era?

English: Classic Fiction - Oliver Twist; Biography/Autobiography; Recounts; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Multiplication/Division; Geometry; Measures; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Victorians

Science: Light

Computing: Powerpoints & Search Enginges

R.E: Buddhism/Harvest

Art/DT: Printing

P.E: Football/Swimming

Autumn 2nd HalfCrime and Punishment

English: Core text- 'Wild Boy' ; Balanced Arguments; Speeches; Crime Fiction

Maths: Place Value; Statistics; Fractions/Percentages; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Crime And Punishment Through The Ages

Science: Electricity

Computing: PowerPoint

R.E: Buddhism

Art/DT: Sculpture

P.E: Netball/Swimming

Spring 1st HalfNorth America

English: Short Stories, Legends, Brochures; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Fractions; Ratio And Proportion; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: North America/ Native American Civilisation

Science: Animals and their Habitats 

Computing: Using Microsoft Word

R.E: Islam 

Art/DT: Pointillism/3D maps

P.E: Gymnastics

Spring 2nd HalfNatural Disasters

English: Explanation; Science Fiction; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Probability; Angles; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Natural Disasters

Science: Evolution

Computing: Using Microsoft Word

R.E: Judaism

Art/DT: Painting Acrylic/Watercolour

P.E: Invasion Games - Netball

Summer 1st halfAncient Baghdad

English: Core text- 'Why the Whales Came' ;Revision; Narrative; Reading And Writing

Maths: Revision; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Ancient Baghdad

Computing: Using Microsoft Excel

R.E: Christianity

Art/DT: Aboriginal Art / Make A Fairground Ride

P.E: Cricket

Summer 2nd HalfEntertainment through the Ages

English: Letters; Adverts; Poetry; Autobiographies

Maths: Transition Unit - Investigative Mathematics 

History/Geography:  Entertainment through the Ages

Science: Animals Including Humans

Computing: Using Microsoft Excel

R.E: The Journey of Life

Art/DT: Designers In History

P.E: Athletics

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and 

Teaching Leader for this phase: Hannah Langmead-Thorpe

Year 6 Curriculum Map

Please read our half termly curriculum letters for more information.


Autumn Term

What a great start to the new half-term we have had! We are learning all about The Victorians and it has been so much fun! We are also watching Oliver Twist in our English lessons and writing diary accounts of what life must have been like during the Victorian period for children. We can't wait for our Victorian Day, which is coming up in a few weeks. Our PE lessons have also been great, we have all be learning the skills we need to play football, through games and drills!  

Spring Term

So far this term we have been learning about North America! We have been reading legends and understanding the different features of a legend! In our geography sessions, we have been learning about the different states in North America, we have been comparing the landscape, climates and weather, to our own here in London! 


In our computing sessions, we are working groups to create a magazine about a topic of our choice, using Google Drive, so we can share our document and work collaboratively.


In Science we have been learning about Living things - specifically looking at classifying animals and plants! We recently looked at Microorganisms and have just started an experiment looking at mould and how it grows on bread! 

Summer Term

We have had a busy summer term in Year 6, revising for our SATs! The children did such a fantastic job during SATs week and we are immesely proud of them all for all their hard work and perserverance! It hasn't gone unnoticed!


We also completed our outdoor learning in March, which we haven't shared pictures from yet, so please find some below! The children had a fantastic time around the campfire!


After SATs we went across to the rec and had lots of fun playing games and running around to burn off all our energy! We also did a big dance-off - it was great fun! 


We have had a busy few final weeks of the half-term! Sadly we have been unable to complete our Shakshuka cooking due to the rain :( We are hoping to do it the first week back after half-term - we didn't fancy cooking in the the thunder and lightening we had! 


However, we did create our own Shakshuka recipes! We researched about Shakshuka and found out what it is and then we wrote up our recipes! We can't wait to try it :) 


We have also spent lots of time researching St Lucia, which was the country we chose as our Commonwealth country for Jubilee celebrations! Look out for pictures of us all dressed in Commonwealth colours!