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Packed Lunch Ideas

At Rockmount, our catering company is called Pabulum and they provide all of our school lunches. All of the school lunches comply with the government food standards to ensure that children are being served delicious, nutritious food which contributes to a balanced diet. It is often easier to ensure that your child gets the essential nutrients that they need by encouraging them to have a school lunch, however there may be times when you wish to provide your child with a packed lunch for example, for a school trip.


Packed lunches should include:

  • Some starchy foods such as bread (sliced bread, pitta bread, wraps, bagels), pasta, potatoes, couscous or rice (choose wholegrain where possible)
  • At least 1 portion of fruit and 1 portion of vegetables or salad. One portion of vegetables/salad is roughly a handful (a child-size handful for a child’s portion)
  • Dairy food such as cheese or yoghurt
  • Meat, fish, or another source of protein such as eggs, beans and pulses, hummus, falafel


Packed lunches should not include:

  • Sweets, chocolate products or crisps You may include an extra low fat / low sugar snack such as a fruit scone, a plain biscuit, plain breadsticks, rice cakes or crackers.


Packed lunches should not include any drinks; the school provides water for all pupils at lunchtime and throughout the school day.


For further guidance, please see the Food Policy below.


Please see the attachments below for some healthy packed lunch ideas based on the principles of the Eatwell Guide as well as appendix 1 of the Food Policy.