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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!



Amethyst Class

Class Teacher: Mark Haines

Class Teaching Assistant: Rosemary Manu


Tanzanite Class

Class Teacher: Donna Rankine

Class Teaching Assistant: Lucy Smedley

Year 4 Curriculum Overview for 2021-2022


Half TermTopicCurriculum Area
Autumn 1st HalfIt's Electric 

English: Character descriptions,  Stories with Issues- Krindlekrax,  Letters, Balanced Arguments

Maths: Number And Place Value; Addition And Subtraction; Multiplication And Division; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

Science: Electricity

Computing: We are software developers

RE: Judaism 

Art: Designing and Building Lizard Street

PE: Invasion games

Autumn 2nd HalfMarvellous Maya English: History of Chocolate - Non Chronological Reports, Adverts, Chocolate Tree

Maths: Fractions; Shape and Space; Measurement; Data Handling 

Science: States of Matter

Computing: We Are Bloggers

History: Maya 

Art: Pop Art

DT: Making Maya Masks

RE: Judaism 

PE: Dance

Spring 1st HalfAll Around the WorldEnglish: Diaries, Newspaper articles, Non chronological reports 

Maths: Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication And Division; Arithmetic; Problem Solving; Word Problems; Times Tables

Geography: Northern and southern hemispheres and climate zones

History: Shackleton's Adventures - Explorers

Science: Living Things and their Habitats

Computing: We Are Meteorologists

RE: Why do you judge me?

DT: Making 3D models of penguins

PE: Gymnastics

Spring 2nd HalfAmazonian Adventures

English: Rainforest Poetry, Adventure Story. Core Text: The Shaman's Apprentice 

Maths: Fractions; Shape and Space; Measurement; Data Handling

Geography:  Rainforests around the world; Deforestation
Science: Forces

Computing: We Are Musicians

DT: Cooking with Fair Trade ingredients

RE: Why do you judge me?

Art: Watercolour paintings of landscapes

PE: Striking and Fielding Games
Summer 1st HalfRoman Invasion

English: Roman myths; Retelling Stories. Core Text: Romulus and Remus

Maths: Fractions And Decimals; Times Tables; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Problem Solving.

History: Ancient Romans

Art/DT: Artists, architects and designers in history. Roman mosaics. 

Science: Animals including humans

Computing: We Are Artists

RE: Christianity - the ten commandments 

PE: Athletics 
Summer 2nd HalfAnglo- SaxonsEnglish: Creating Characters; Descriptions; Newspaper Reports; Scripts. Core Text: The Iron Man

Maths: Fractions; Shape and Space; Measurement; Data Handling; Position and Direction

History: Anglo-Saxon settlement

Science: States of Matter

Geography: Anglo Saxons and Vikings settlements

Computing: We Are Toy Designers

RE: Christianity - The Parables

Art: Designing and creating Anglo-Saxon brooches
DT: Designing and building model Anglo-Saxon house

PE: Athletics School Games Day-preparation

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Donna Rankine

Please read our half termly curriculum letters for more information.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Our topic in Spring 1 has been the polar regions. Unfortunately we haven’t actually been able to go the Antarctic (due to Covid restrictions and sub-zero temperatures), but we have been learning all about the region using various resources, and some children have even written to Earnest Shackleton asking if they can accompany him on his next voyage.


We drew upon the memories of our last trip across the ice with Shackleton to write diary entries in English, before moving on to work on writing newspaper articles about climate change. Story writing will be coming next!


Maths has been filled with calculation practise and skills development so far this term, with a lot of times tables practise thrown – including some fantastic improvements in the scores seen on Times Tables Rock Stars! In our wider curriculum studies we recently looked at British values of respect; however, being mindful of Covid concerns, please remember to sanitise after shaking hands!

Summer Term

In Year 4, our term has been heavily affected by the Roman Invasion of Britain; they may have conquered these lands almost two thousand years ago, but their influence is still felt in the classroom today. Creating digital tessellation patterns to cover the floor of a villa in Computing has been complemented by drawing Roman mosaics in Art. Children have learned the methods of historic gladiators by throwing the javelin in PE, although modern health and safety laws require us to use the less deadly foam-based type of spears. In English we have learned about Roman gods, composed our own Roman myths and written instructions for catching a gladiator. The noticeable lack of gladiators seen wandering around SE19 these days suggests that the latter activity must have been a success!


Friday 24th March 2022 was Roman Day!