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Welcome to our Year 3 Classes


Opal Class

Class Teacher: Laura Vomero
Teaching Assistant: Rosemary Manu


Sapphire Class

Class Teachers: Rene Tucknott
Teaching Assistant: Anna Strappelli


Year 3 Curriculum Map for 2014-2015



Topic focus

1st half


English: Non-Chronological Reports; Adventure Stories

Maths: Place Value And Money; Addition And Subtraction; Geometry; Multiplication And Division; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

History/Geography: Dinosaurs; UK Regions And Countries In Europe

Science: Animal And Human Skeletons

Computing: We Are Presenters

RE: Judaism

2nd half

Power of the Earth 

English: Explanation Writing; Disaster Stories

Maths: Addition And Subtraction; Multiplication And Division; Measurment - Time; Statistics; Fractions; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

Geography: Locate Volcano Plate Boundaries

Science: Rock Types

Computing: We Are Programmers

RE: Creation Stories

1st half

 Magic and Mystery

English: Mystery Writing; Instructions

Maths: Place Value; Addition And Subtraction; Measures; Statistics; Fractions; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

History/Geography: Famous Scientists And Inventors; Map Work

Science: Forces and Magnets

Computing: We Are Opinion Pollsters

RE: Sikhism

PE: Gymnastics

DT: We will be designing and making our own game using shoe boxes and magnets

Art: Different styles of art work

2nd half
Stone Age to Iron Age

English: Stories With Familiar Settings; Information Texts, Poetry

Maths: Place Value And Division; Addition And Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Measurement -Time; Statistics; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

History/Geography: Stone Age to Iron Age

Science: Light, Shadows and Reflections

Computing: We Are Bug Fixers

RE: Sikhism

PE: Gymnastics

1st half

Ancient Greece  

English: Myths and Legends

Maths: Place Value And Money; Addition And Subtraction; Multiplication And Division; Measurement; Statistics; Money; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

History/Geography: Ancient Greece

Science: Plants

Computing: We Are Communicators

RE: Pilgrimages

2nd half


English: Authors, Letters, Information writing

Maths: Place Value And Sequences; Multiplication And Division; Addition And Subtraction; Fractions; Geometry, Statistics And Measures; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

History/Geography: Compare another country to our locality

Computing: We Are Network Engineers

RE: Pilgrimages


Please read our termly curriculum letter for more information.

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Donna Rankine. 


Below is the homework set for Summer 2. Each child will be given a copy on Friday 5th June but we also have it here just in case!

Autumn Term

We kicked off the year with our exciting topic 'The Dinosaurs'. Year 3 were transported to the Jurassic period where dinosaurs took over both classes.  We used the internet to research interesting facts about a range of dinosaurs. We also used this information to create group presentations and write non chronological reports. The children really enjoyed showing another class their presentation! The classes wrote exciting adventure stories using Rex Stones 'Charge of the Three Horned Monster' as an exemplar text.


Our Science topic was 'Animal and Human Skeletons'. The children learnt the names of bones in the human body and about how muscles help our bones to move.


In Maths the children consolidated and extended their knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction. They have thoroughly enjoyed doing their 'Challenge Maths' on a Friday.


On Wednesday 8th October, we visited the Natural History Museum where we explored the dinosaur gallery and looked at fossils. The children had a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.   


The children were taken on an explosive journey to the centre of the earth. They have learnt about the various layers of the earth, rock formation and the wonders of volcanoes. 


In Literacy, they have written explanations using their research from topic work.  We were visited by Einstein Entertainers who provided each class with a fascinating workshop about different types of rocks. The children even made their own erupting volcanoes! 

We also performed an outstanding Christmas Concert for parents/carers which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The children rehearsed and performed a variety of songs which were practised during music lessons.There were also a range of stunning instrumental solos.  We would like to thank all the parents/carers for their support.


Spring Term

Our topic in the first half term was 'Magic and Mystery'. To kick start our topic, we read George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. In Literacy the children have been identifying features of instructional texts and have written their own instructions on how to trap a grandma!  We are also going to become authors by planning and composing our own mystery story using The Minpins by Roald Dahl as a stimulus. 


In Maths we have been focusing on measures; length, weight and capacity. We have learnt how to calculate perimeter of simple shapes and solve word problems. Of course we are always recapping our number facts and times tables! For the last 2 weeks we created and interpreted bar charts. 


Our Science topic for the first  half term was 'Forces and Motion'. We  linked some history here by learning about Isaac Newton. We  investigated forces and carried out an experiment to find out which magnet was the strongest. 

The second half of Spring term sees us travelling back to the Stone Age to discover how times have changed from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age and comparing this with modern day life.  We have a dress up day coming up where the children can come to school dressed as a Stone Age child-watch this space! In Art, the children will be creative cave paintings and making pottery as people did in the Stone Age. 


To tie in with RE week, children in year 3 have written a recount about their trip to the Sikh temple (Gurdwara) in Thornton Heath. We all learnt a lot about Sikhism and how Sikh people care for others.  


Also in Literacy this half term, year three will be looking at poetry during World Book Week. The outcome of this week long unit of work will be to create acrostic poems about light and shadows. We look forward to reading 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura and doing work around that. 


Check out how hard we have been working on our Stone Age cave paintings!

Here are some snaps of World Book Day 2015! 

We all had a wonderful day!


Here are some snaps from our Ancient Greek dress up day 2015!