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Every couple of days we will set you a challenge/activity on the blog or ask a question for you to complete at home - You can reply via the comments button on here once you have done it or send us your response/ any photos etc to our Year 6 email address, which we will check regularly and we can share your responses on the blog!!


From Miss Langmead Thorpe and Mrs Bull

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Emergency Home Learning

Please note that you do not have to print anything out, just view on the screen and complete tasks on paper.


Thank you for your support.

Year 6, you will find some really fun ways to include some musical learning listed on the PDF below. Just click on the links. Please also remember to learn the songs for the Year 6 show. All the songs can be found at the bottom of this page. 



Crystal Class

Class Teacher: Viv Bull

Class Teaching Assistant: Gill Hammerberg

Class Teaching Assistant: Helena Corcoran


Quartz Class

Class Teacher: Hannah Langmead Thorpe

Class Teaching Assistant: Anna Miszkiel

Class Teaching Assistant: Claire Byrnes


Year 6 Curriculum Map for 2019-2020


Half Term Topic Curriculum Area
Autumn 1st Half What Was Life Like In Our Area During The Victorian Era?

English: Core Text- 'Street Child'; Classic Fiction - Oliver Twist; Biography/Autobiography; Recounts; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Multiplication/Division; Geometry; Measures; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Local History - Victorians

Science: Biology- Evolution 

Computing: Programming

R.E: Christianity

Art/DT: Printing

P.E: Football/Swimming

Autumn 2nd Half Crime and Punishment

English: Core text- 'Wild Boy' ; Balanced Arguments; Speeches; Crime Fiction

Maths: Place Value; Statistics; Fractions/Percentages; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Crime And Punishment Through The Ages

Science: Biology-Evolution

Computing: Programming

R.E: Christianity

Art/DT: Sculpture

P.E: Netball/Swimming

Spring 1st Half North America

English: Core text-'Indian in the Cupboard'; Legends; Brochures; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Fractions; Ratio And Proportion; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: North America

Science: Chemistry 

Computing: Programming

R.E: Buddhism

Art/DT: Pointillism/3D maps

P.E: Gymnastics

Spring 2nd Half Natural Disasters

English: Core text-'Kensuke's Kingdom';Explanation; Science Fiction; Poetry

Maths: Place Value; Probability; Angles; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Natural Disasters

Science: Living Things And Their Habitats

Computing: Programming

R.E: Buddhism

Art/DT: Painting Acrylic/Watercolour

P.E: Invasion Games

Summer 1st half Journeys

English: Core text- 'Why the Whales Came' ;Revision; Narrative; Reading And Writing

Maths: Revision; Problem Solving; Arithmetic

History/Geography: Inventors -Pip Davenport

Science: Electricity

Computing: Programming

R.E: Journeys

Art/DT: Aboriginal Art / Make A Fairground Ride

P.E: Cricket

Summer 2nd Half Time Gone By

English: Letters; Adverts; Poetry

Maths: Transition Unit - Investigative Mathematics 

History/Geography:  Mayan Civilisation

Science: Animals Including Humans

Computing: Programming

R.E: Journeys

Art/DT: Designers In History

P.E: Athletics

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and 

Teaching Leader for this phase: Viv Bull.

Please read our termly curriculum letters for more information.


During the first half term in Year 6 we were learning all about the Victorians. We learnt all about the inventions that the Victorians made and what it was like for Victorian school children. We had a drama workshop come in to Year 6 from Portals to the Past. They organised a Victorian classroom and the children had to behave like Victorian school children, using a piece of slate and chalk to write. We also learnt about Queen Victoria and her reign, looking at the empire she created.


This half term we have been learning about Crime and Punishment through the ages. Looking at the different crimes that were committed during the Roman period, the Anglo-Saxon period etc. We also looked at the punishments that were given for the crimes. 


This half term we are reading Wild Boy, which the children are very much enjoying! We decided to use the book and write our own next chapter using our inference and deduction skills to decipher what we thought might happen next!


In maths we have been working on our number skills, looking at the four operations. More recently we have been working on fractions, decimals and percentages.

This half term we are learning all about North America. The children are enjoying researching the lives of Native American Indians and will eventually be writing their own legend set in North America. In art, the children have been studying the famous 'American Gothic' picture and they have created their own parodies. 


Below are the songs you need to learn for the Year 6 show.  Read the synopsis too so you understand what is going on in the story when each song is sung.  Remember we are telling the story with the songs too:

01 School Song.mp3

02 Average.mp3

03 Average (Reprise).mp3

04 Rap Pack.mp3

05 The X Factor.mp3

06 Blue Skies.mp3

07 Rap Pack Audition.mp3

08 Be Alive.mp3

09 Brand New Day.mp3

10 The X Factor (Reprise).mp3

11 Brand New Day (Reprise).mp3