Welcome! A warm welcome to our new Reception and Nursery intake who will be joining Rockmount Primary School in September. We can’t wait to meet you and will be in contact soon with further details about the enrolment process. Remember the deadline to accept Reception offers is 30th April 2024.
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Welcome to our Year 1 Classes


Quartz Class

Class Teacher: Tina Robbins
Teaching Assistant: Claire Byrnes


Crystal Class

Class Teacher: Jessie Eales-White and Kelly Wandel
Teaching Assistant: Nathan Ward
Teaching Assistant: Vanessa Neale


Year 1 Curriculum Map for 2014-2015



Topic focus

1st half

Staying Alive! 

English: Instructional Writing

Maths: Number - Fractions; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

Geography: The Continents

Science: Our Body

Computing: We Are Treasure Hunters

RE: Festivals of Light

PE: Dance

2nd half

Changing Seasons 

English: Story Writing

Maths: Number: Addition And Subtraction  Geometry: Properties Of 2D And 3D Shapes; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

Geography: Seasons

History: Florence Nightingale

Science: Weather

Computing: We Are TV Chefs

RE: Why are we thankful?

PE: Dance

1st half

 Fairy Tales and Castles

English: Story Writing

Maths: Number - Place Value; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

History/Geography: Castles

Science: Materials

Computing: We Are Painters

RE: Hinduism

PE: Gymnastics

2nd half

English: Non - Fiction

Maths: Measurement -Time; Money; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

History/Geography: Geographical Comparisons

Computing: We Are Collectors

RE: Judaism

1st half

Come On Over To          My Place                       

English: Letter Writing/Invitations

Maths: Number - Division; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

Geography: Local Area Study

Science: Naming Trees And Plants

Computing: We Are Storytellers

RE: Christianity

2nd half

 Let's Go Wild

English: Poetry

Maths: Geometry: Position And Direction; Problem Solving; Mental Maths

Geography: Name And Locate Five Oceans

Science: Naming A Variety Of Common Animals

Computing: We Are Celebrating

RE: Christianity


Please read our termly curriculum letter for more information

If you have any queries, please contact the Class Teacher or the Learning and Teaching Leader for this phase: Amber Vijayaratnam. 

Autumn Term

In Year One, we have been settling the children into their new routine. Our topic is 'Staying Alive'  and we have been learning lots of exciting things about our bodies.  The children have been enjoying the story 'Funny Bones' and have been making  their own collages of skeletons and have had great fun dancing to 'The Skeleton Dance!' The children especially liked reading 'Don't Put Your Finger in The Jelly Nelly' and we have been learning how to make some tasty jelly of our own to support our learning on writing instructions. We are looking forward to learning about 'Our Senses' and doing a smell and taste test.


During the second half term our topic was 'Seasons'. We looked at the weather changes throughout the year and we kept weather diaries for one week. We learnt which months of the year related to the four seasons. In each class you will find a large tree displaying the four seasons that the children designed and made. The children also enjoyed the stories of 'Percy the Park Keeper', which were very apt for our topic.


In maths we focused on 3D shapes where the children developed their knowledge and understanding of cuboids, cubes, cylinders etc. The children practised using number lines to add and subtract.


In computing the children learnt to program robots, instructing the robot to complete a sequence of directions.

Spring Term

During the first half term of Spring, the children have been engaging in our topic of 'Fairytales and Castles'. We read a range of fairytales including; Jack and the beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood. The children then began to write their own version of Sleeping Beauty, using descriptive language.


The children also designed and made a castle made from recycled boxes and Mod Roc. They then painted the castle and now enjoy using it for storytelling. The children have been very engaged in learning all about castles and what they were used for. They are looking forward to the drama workshop where they will already be dressed in 'role' for the day.


In maths we have been working hard on place value. We have used an assortment of practical apparatus to develop an understanding of the value of higher numbers. We have been learning to measure in centimetres and metres.