CONGRATULATIONS to Tom Hillier in his Rockmount 2 Rockmount quest. He did it! Watch Tom's video blogs in the Video Resource Centre. Thank you to the 123 sponsors who have helped raise £3771 including Gift Aid!
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Rockmount wins BMX Display!

Rockmount cycle and scooter stands overflowed with bikes and scooters of different sizes during Big Pedal Weeks! Every day during the Big Pedal, the Bike It Crew awarded a scooter rider or cyclist with a golden lock prize, so we had 12 winners from Reception through to Year 6. Rockmount School had the highest numbers in Croydon of cycling parents and pupils coming to school in the Big Pedal competition and so have won the prize - a BMX display. The five classes with the most cyclists watched this display: Ruby, Zircon, Moonstone, Sapphire and Opal.